Comparing GSA-5613D and GSA-2166D



hey guys, which one do u think is the best?
From the forum, u speak highly of GSA-5613D but GSA-2166D spec is quite tempting too :iagree:
and the price difference is quite significant (for me) :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me put things down in an objective way and then you decide :

Improvements of the 2166D over the 5163D/B? :

a. lightscribe
- do you really need lightscribe?
b. faster CD-R burning speed - 48X (40x with the 5163)
- this basically translates into a CD-R burning a few seconds to a minute faster than with the 5163 and is really negligible.
c. faster CD-RW burning speed - 32X (24X with the 5163)
- this gives a slight improvement in the burning time for CD-RW discs but again probably isn’t that big a difference.
- how often are you going to burn CD-RW discs? Can you stand waiting a little bit longer?
d. DVD-DL support
- DVD-DL discs 1. expensive right now, 2. have poor compatibility with DVD players, worse than DVD+DL in fact. 3. not that easy to get hold of
- unless you absolutely need DVD-DL support, this is really not an issue
e. faster DVD+DL burning speed - 8x
- 1. as with DVD-DL discs, expensive. 8x DVD+DL media is very difficult to find

Disadvantages of the 2166D as compared to the 5163D/B? :

a. only has USB 2.0 interface (5163 has both USB 2.0 and firewire)
- do you need firewire?

b. expensive because it is the latest stuff on the market

DL discs right now are really too expensive when you compare their price to that of DVD+R/DVD-R discs. They simply cost to much to be worth using for backing up data. That leaves burning movies on them. Unless you absolutely need to have DL movies as a 100% identical copy of the original, many people prefer to use movie compression software (e.g. DVD Shrink) which will compress a DVD DL movie to fit a normal single layer DVD+R or DVD-R disc. Quality is slightly compromised because of the compression but is usually acceptible.

Weigh up the issues and see what is really important to you and what is not. Compare that with what you need to do with the drive most of the time. If you find that you don’t need the extra features of the 2166, then maybe the 5163 will work fine and save you a bundle as well.


yay! thanx dude! :bigsmile:


I just bought a GSA-2166D from Best Buy tonight. Out of curiosity, I opened the case up to see which drive is used inside. To my surprise drive inside is labelled as a GSA-4164B! The case itself has a label clearly marking it as GSA-2166D. LG must’ve modded out a 4164 to create the 2166 considering it supports DVD-RAM @ 5x and +R DL @ 8x (faster than 4166 & 4167’s 6x.) It’s very easy to open the case up. 4 screws under the rubber feet and 1 in the back panel. Take a look yourself if you’ve got one. These 2166 w/ 41645 drives are made in Korea where as the GSA-4166B (that I saw at Best Buy) are from China. The unit I bought was brand new and not an open box. Both labels on the drive itself & on the case showed rom version 1.00. w/ production date of July 2005.

Firmware voodoo I tell ya! :bow:


5163D = external version of 4163B.

I don’t know why it has suddenly become 2166, instead of 5166. :rolleyes:


The 5163 has USB 2.0 and Firewire 400
The 2166 only has USB 2.0

so the number difference makes sense :iagree:


I do wish the 2166 had Firewire. Would it then be 5166D? or 5164D? I’m still puzzled why the 2166 has a 4164 and not a 4166 internally. :confused:


I’ve been using 2166D and so far haven’t produced any coaster yet. Good drive i used to have 4120 which kinda died on me after all the abuse from me. Good drive that 4120.


GSA-2166D seems to be a good, reliable burner, having been using it for a month.

Though, I must say that it is also picky with media, for instance it does not like at all Fuji DVD-R 8x (Fujifilm03). Good chance to make coasters.


The GSA-2164D (my drive) uses the same: GSA-4164B (surprise!)
In this case: Is Lightscribe only a matter of firmware?


Chipset and license most of all perhaps.


Just 2 short questions:
Is crossflashing GSA-2164D@GSA-2166D possible?
Are there tools like “FlashFix” (which can be used for Liteon-drives) available for LG?


Currently there is no 216x firmware update available at all. A 4166 firmware is available since a few days. I have seen no reports of crossflashing and it is also unknown if the flasher works with the external enclosure.


I have crossflashed GSA-2164D 1.00 @ GSA-4166B 1.01
Work fine but no Lightscribe :frowning:


Did you noticed any improvements vs. GSA-2164D 1.00 (media-support, quality, speed)?


No improvement of writing quality for me, same bad result

Burst rate

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (made in taiwan) MCC04 @16x

Maxell DVD-R 8x (made in japan) MXLRG03 @8x


Did you use HBLoader.exe under windows to flash W31S5BEA.bin ?


Yes, from this link:

work fine on usb connection


I just bought my 2166 last night. I burned a DVD backup of Christmas photos. I removed the DVD from the LG and put it in my NEC (IDE drive) and ran the Nero quality test. IT came out at 98 percent. I then burned the label on it with light scribe. I tested it again in the NEC and the quality was the same with a few of the errors actually being less. I am sure this is withing the margin of error for the software. At least I did not see a significant increase in data errors as I do when I put a stick on label on my DVD archive copies of digital images.

So far, the 2166 is working as expected.


The discs is warm after a burn with my beige LG 4166…

It is not rare to have less PIF/PIE errors after a few minutes.