Comparing DVD backup software



Hi all.

I 've spent many hours here the past few nights, trying to decide what would be the best DVD backup software “currently” available on the market today. Like most, cheapest is preferable, but up to say about $100 is manageable… for the easiest, least troublesome software I can find. I’m little more then a novice.

In my search here and through yahoo, I’ve noticed 1Click Pro, Shrink, clonedvd2, and Rebuilder2 getting good reviews, for the most part. Am I missing others to consider to fit my most important concerns, “easiest to use & least troublesome”?

At this point, it appears these four might fit that criteria, but in some cases, the reviews I’ve seen are some-what “dated”. I guess what I need to know is… as of Feb. 2007, “are these still good choices” and what would be the BEST one, in your opinion?

Also; what is the main difference in Rebuilder2 at $10 and 1Click Pro/DVD43 at $79 …or the Clonedvd2/AnyDvd combo at $90?

Is there a measurable benefit to say having BOTH Rebuilder2 and 1Click Pro, or would some other combo be better?

I hope I’ve posted in the right forum. If not, please pardon the error.

Many thanks in advance for the insight and assistance.


I use DVD Shrink for the compression & stripping part of the process. At what it does it’s still well worth considering and with it’s Deep Analysis probably does better than CloneDVD2.

For real significant compression then it’s DVD Rebuilder with the best quality being produced by Cinema Craft Encoder.

That just leaves the encryption side. Here an obvious $$ choice is AnyDVD. For free DVD Decrypter & RipIt4Me is the choice.


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Fully understood.
Much appreciated.


OK, let me ask another way…

I am looking for the most “user friendly” DVD Backup Software I can find at under $100 for everything I need to backup my personal DVD collection… and have these copies capable of playing back any where, and NOT just through my computer.

I have VERY low vision and have done my best to read what I could find here. Most posts I found have much to do with quality and performance. While that is great, I need to be able to operate and understand it “above all”.

I’m a novice and I don’t know, all this type software “might” be too technical for me, especially after reading all the troubleshooting threads here. Please, you tell me.

Is there not just some software out there that is just a plop it in, set 1, 2, or 3 settings? The technological terms are throwing me a loop at times. I’ll pickup on the “finer points” later, but I want to just be able to get though a burn.

So besides the vision thing; simplistic instructions with the program is a huge plus for me, as well.

Again; thanks for any and all help or advice.


1ClickDVDCopy is about as esy as it gets and does produce a pretty decent quality output. Both 1Click regular and Pro comes with a free trial, 10 day or 3 copies. CloneDVD also comes with a free 21 day trial. DVDShrink and DVDRebuilder are free so you can try them as many times as you’d lke…Rebuilder also has a great Pro version as well.

My suggestion is for you to start with 1ClickDVDCopy and then try each until you are satisfid with which works best for you.


Thanks much MBK.
What else will be needed? DVD43 or AnyDvd?
Will either work the same or is one much better then the other… or is there another program to combine with these to backup protected DVD’s in library?


I am strongly against DVD43 because of past issues it caused on my system so I’m the wrong person to ask for a subjective conclusion of DVD43, but it is most compatible with only 1ClickDVDCopy.
For ultimate ease of use, I’d strongly recommend AnyDVD. It also comes with a free 21 day trial. However, it has not been working well with DVDShrink on Sony DVDs as of late.

There is also DVDFabDecrypter which is a free program that can decrypt and ‘rip’ a DVD to your harddrive and then you could use DVDShrink or 1Click to compress with…But then it adds another step than using AnyDVD or DVD43.

If you want all free…then…

DVDFabDecrypter to rip to your harddrive in full disc or movie only mode…

DVDShrink to compress the ripped files on your harddrive down to 4.35 GBs…

Then IMGBurn to burn to disc…