Comparing data cds



I used Nero to burn a data CD and my backup seems corrupt.

I haven’t found an effective way to compare my two CDs yet (however I did find a ptr to EAC for audio CDs which sounds great!)

Is there a utility that will tell me what file(s) are corrupt on my backup?


First of all you should enable the verification within nero.
If all doesn’t help you could try CdCheck from


CDCheck is amazing. I remember i burnt a data cd sometime ago & Nero said that it was perfect. But it just won’t read , so i used CDCheck & damn, it found out some errors.
I always prefer using it after burning.
Good Luck


A good way to minimize errors is to minimize programs running, because often times the file will not be available to burn and Nero has a tendency to just skip it.
Also burning at a slower speed might remove those errors for you…


To ensure quality burns, try and leave you PC alone while does it stuff.

You might also want to consider a different brand of media.