Compare orig/backup, dye types?

Perhaps someone could PM me and tell me the best software to compare original and backup CDs and where to get it.

Also, apps like CDR Identifier that tell ATIP info and type of dye used, what does that tell me? Is there a list somewhere of the good and bad types of dye?
As car as dye color, are darker dyes better? For awhile everyone said silvers were best, are they not now?

Why would you want a PM? This a forum… people can respond to your question using the reply functionality, so that others can view/comment the information as well

For more info on different dyes, you should visit our media forum…

please specify what you would like to compare about the original vs backup cd. otherwise, i can throw a billion apps at you.

Well, specifically, I don’t know. I’m not that knowledgable. I just want to compare to see if the backup has any problems, if it doesn’t match the original. I know they won’t always be exact, but can’t something compare to see if the backup has errors that will keep it from working?

I had looked in the Media forum about Dyes but didnt see much. And the FAQ says dye type is meaningless. I remember reading posts saying dark dye is better (ie. for audio), but I always thought silver (light) was. I realize a poor quality CDR will perform poorly regardless of dye type/color, but say if comparing all good CDRs.

Nero has 2 tests that should provide adequate testing for you. first is the verify option in the burn dialog, it compares the CD to the HD files. Second is the CDSpeed Scandisc function which performs 2 tests, one to scan the disc surface for read errors, and another to check the files for read-ability.
And yes, dye type is irrelevant, there are so many variations on the 2 basic types that any generalization is pointless. Drive, burn speed and batch variations are all variables that require that you test for yourself to see what works in your drive.

I know there’s something to compare two CD’s, I just can’t remember what it’s called.

you can use diff on images of both cd’s, if you are that into it.


Comparing images would defeat the purpose.
I think CDR-Verifier will compare two CD’s. Haven’t heard of it?