Compare old backups and burn missing files?

Hi all, I’m at my wits end trying to find some software that will help me manage my previously burned file backups and compare that to what is on the hard drive itself. Now, I’m not looking for something to start anew with, I have over 50 DVDs of just straight forward burns of all my old files that I spent a good two weeks doing a bit over a year ago just in case my computer died, and now I want to update my DVD backups with all the new and or maybe even the modified files since then. Most importantly I want to just add the new files that are on my drives since that last mega backup project BUT I don’t want to sit there and manually compare all the missing files myself.

Is there a program out there that keeps an inventory of my DVD/CD discs and can compare what is in them with what is on a drive and pretty much tell me “ok, these are the missing files and folders… burn these guys right here”?


Do the files have the same names? Here’s an idea. If you have the storage space on your hard drive create a folder with some name. Then drag old files to that folder, when done then drag new files to same folder. If the old and new files have the same name windows will ask if you want to replace, and you answer accordingly for each time it ask. If it doesnt see the same file name it will copy it there on its own and do the file comparing for you.

while that suggestion makes sense when you’re dealing with one or 2 discs, were talking about well over 50 here, that’s just not gonna happen. I am more hoping for some special software out there that I just haven’t heard of yet that automates this process by cataloging the content of the discs, and then compares the catalog with what exists on a specified local drive’s directory.

Any backup software will have feature to back up all or changed only files. Just check the web and look at specifications for that product.
This is just one of them, Backup Exec.

Any good backup tool should be able to allow [B]incremental [/B]backups. :wink:

I understand this about backup software in general, but I think everyone is missing the point. :doh:

I’m not talking about making backups from this point forward, I already have over 50 DVDs of existing backups from before, what I need is something that can read ALL those ALREADY BURNED back up discs, and not individually but all at once, build a library so to speak of what I want to consider my already archived library so to speak, and then read my hard drive, and tell me what is missing from that.

Get a tape drive or external HD for your backups. I hope you are talking about data on DVD not movies.