Comparative of three 40x burners (Plextor, Teac & Liteon)

I just posted the article Comparative of three 40x burners (Plextor, Teac & Liteon).

Our French friend SEB used our newssubmit to tell us that has just put online a new article, it’s a comparative of three 40x burners : PLEXTOR PX-W4012A, TEAC CD-W540E and LITEON…

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Nice round-up and pics :wink:

…and as I imagined… LiteOn won ! :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual a french review with humanistic appreciations : unfortunately, accommodation etc… How does Babelfish translate “gargantuesque” ? BTW one talks about little titans as says the title (see Ernst Jünger) not human factor of Graham Greene. Trivially speaking the LITEON LTR-40125W is available at 4U Computer’s for 107 € box, 6 months warranty at GrosBill’s for 115 € box, 1 year warranty :d