Comparative burn quality as test of new PX-716A

Hello, this is my first real post, so please try to go kindly on me. :cop: I am a giddy owner of a brand-new PX-716A. Plugged it in, had some trouble burns, realized I was running at DMA2, replaced the 40-pin cable with the 80-pin one in the box, and all was well. That is, until I realized the new burns weren’t all that much better. :frowning:

Attached below, for example, is one of my better scans. The disc was burnt by Nero CD-DVD Speed’s “Create Data Disc” and then scanned at 2x CLV by PTP. By comparison, the scan here from the scan thread is much better, with an avg PIE of 0.10 and max PIE of just 10. And remember, this is one of my better burns! A couple other scans resulted in avg PIE of around 1.5 and max PIE of about 200. There was even one under admittedly questionable circumstances that ended up as an unreadable coaster!

If I were to go about testing this properly, I’d purchase a spindle of TY DVD+R to check. But I just want to know at least whether there might be something wrong with my drive, generally speaking, judging only from these results.


ProdiscF01 8x DVD-R burned @8x
Plextor PX-716A TLA0304 fw1.04. Media sold as Fuji 8x DVD-R 50 pack (Made in Taiwan).

AutoStrategy ON, PowerRec ON, BurnProof ON.

Prodisc media has a lot of quality problems. Check out this thread in our Media Forum which addresses the Prodisc manufactured DVD-R media. If you take a look at some of the scans in there then yours doesn’t look that bad!

Your max is still well below book standards and the rest of the burn looks good. For comparison, you can only rely on YOUR drive. Get a 1 or 5 pack of TY media or Verbatim and then do a burn at 8x (or 16x) and then compare the results. Good media should give you a better burn with lower errors. Once you have a brand that does well in your drive, stick with it.

That’s very sound advice… :iagree:

Fair enough! I suppose it’s the irrational perfectionist in me that tells me my drive isn’t as good as zevia’s, when it is nevertheless doing just fine. And I’ll fully admit that variation in discs might have something to do with it as well.

Still, my scans can look quite bad, especially the ones that were coasters (literally: unreadable). The disc whose scan I posted above actually turned in a “Not Good” TA test result on the outer tracks. What is even more odd is that while the same burn at 6x is better, burning at 4x creates a “Very Good” TA test but avg PIE of 4.5 and max PIE of 240. That is, the 4x scan visibly looks much worse than the 8x scan while having a superior TA result. I will have to test this more, clearly.

Thanks for all the help.