Comparable program to Nero

Nero is sometimes screwy on me.

What other programs out there that are not too feature packed, dont really like Roxio 6.

I just want a burning program that can do disc copy, either on-the-fly or not. That can do both CDs and DVDs.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


Any general mastering application. Examples (by no means exhaustive) are Nti’s CDMaker, Discjuggler or even, subject to some limtations with respect to dvd burning, the freeware Burnatonce.

I used to be a Nero user but have been using RecordNow ever since I got my DVD burner with no issues. Great app imho.

Pinnacle instant CD/DVD can do this. I’ve never used the program, but in a well known German/Dutch computer magazine (C’T) this product was chosen over Nero 6.

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