Compaq troubles

About two hours ago I posted about a memory upgrade for this Compaq I’ve got here. Now, for some strange reason, the system doesn’t work anymore at all. When I power it on, I get a white screen with Compaq in red in it. After about 2 secs the system freezes.

When I keep on hitting a key after pressing the power button, I get the post screen saying “Keyboard error”. I guess that’s because I kept on pressing that key… and then it crashes as well!

So, does a Compaq Deskpro have some secret setting to reset the mainboard or something? I already stripped the system to 32mb of Compaq mem, 1 Celeron 300 CPU and some old ISA VGA card… that should do it… not?

I always hated Compaq computers… and now I’m getting to hate them more and more…

Let it be, I got the damn thing working.

What I did? I disconnected the power, set the CMOS clear jumper and removed the battery on the mobo and waited about 3 hours (actually, we went out shopping;)). Before reinstalling everything, I exchanged the memory for another DIMM (I didn’t trust the 128MB he gave me) and guess what: it works!

I just installed the Infineon in another computer… it’s detected as a 64MB module. Defective…!