Compaq SD-612

I recetly flashed my dvd-rom drive Compaq SD-612 to make it region free. I had to update the drives firmware using a Samsung SD-612B as this drive is region free. Well I flashed it all went well I insert a region 1 dvd and it dont paly drive jsut keeps reving up then pc crashes but I have managed to get a region 1 dvd to work by inserting the dvd before the pc starts up but this dont allways work. Is there anyway of returning to my orignal firmware and where could I get hold of it? The current firmware of my drive now is verison 0.6


Yes if the drive have a mediatek chipset there may be a way to fix it.

I need some more information:

Sure that it’s a samsung SD-612B?

Do you have access to another identical drive that is not flashed with the wrong firmware?

If the drive have a mediatek chipset, then I may be able to help you. Not all samsung models have, that’s why I’m asking if you are really sure about the modell number.

Im sorry I have typed my problem incorrectly. My pc is a compay persario it came with a compaq sd-612b dvd drive which I read on the net is really a samsung drive and you can patch the firmware to samsung SD-612B 0.6 and this will make my drive rpc1 allowing me to play region1 dvd’s. Well the patching got totally screwed and i cant even play a dvd on my pc as my pc will crash as soon as a dvd is put into my machine. The dvd palyer jsut revs up and contiunes to then crashes or blue screen of death I have sometimes got a region 1 title to play but that wa through inserint the dvd upon boot up. Is there any way of getting my old compaq drive back (i miss it, and have very little money to purchase a new drive) By the way what do you guys mean by “mediatek chipset” and also any applications which can tell me all the info about my dvd/cdrw drives? I dont have a freind with the same drive as me but am searching the ent for someone on google groups for same drive, same patched firmware. Any help much appricated.