Compaq Presario V2000 dvd writer upgrade



I have compaq presario v2000 widescreen notebook which has a LG GCC-4243N DVD Cd-writer combo. now i want to upgrade it to a 8x Dual layer DVD writer and so i bought the Toshiba Samsung SD-R6472 which works perfectly in the notebook but the problem is i cannot fit the original bezel of the Lg drive on the new drive. So the SD-R6472 tray does not open properly when fitted in the presario V2000.
Can anyone recommend a Slim DVD writer which has a tray compatible with LG GCC-4243N (presario v2000) .



If the bezel is the same as my Presario R4025CA, the NEC NC-6500 will fit perfectly because it’s the drive that came with my machine.

Note that an 8x compact burner only burns slightly faster than a 4x. These drives are optimized for reliability and quality, not speed. 8x burns are about 13:00 instead of the 15:00-odd at 4x.