Compaq Presario 1235 notebook won't boot

:confused: My notebook’s having errors.

My aunt just mailed over a Compaq Presario 1235 notebook ( it’s pretty old ), and when I turned it on for the first time, it said that Windows did not start properly due to hardware or software change, and it gives me a selection of Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network, Start with last working Settings, and Start Windows Normally. I tried the last two but it just froze up. I’m not a computer expert so please help.

Moving to the Newbie Forum…:slight_smile:

. Try starting up in Safe Mode. This prevents a lot of drivers/services/&c from loading. If it will boot, run a Registry repair app (I use RegSeeker, but there are many, possibly better, others available). If it still won’t boot normally, start removing/reinstalling apps and drivers (if you don’t need them, don’t reinstall). You may want to run RegSeeker after deleting apps, to remove any garbage left behind.
. You can make Windows display what it’s loading during the boot process (but I don’t remember how to do it off the top of my head) and maybe pinpoint what is causing the problem. Unfortunately, just because things go awry when X is loading, that doesn’t mean that Y, which loaded earlier, isn’t the culprit.
. If nothing seems to work, try booting from a floppy. If you can’t boot from floppy, you probably have a hardware problem. If you’re brave enough, open it up and check all the connectors. Loose connectors are common in laptops, since they run hotter (which exacerbates creep caused by temperature cycling) and get bumped around more. Unfortunately, repairing an older laptop will probably be impossible (lack of parts) or more expensive than a brand new one.
. If none of that works, backup any files you want to save and reformat. Either boot into Safe Mode or boot from a floppy to copy your files.
. If there’s nothing on the drive you want to save, it would be a good idea to just go ahead and reformat it to get rid of any errors that have crept in over the years the drive was in use. I reformat my drives every 12-18 months (or sooner, if I suspect a problem). If the drive is more than 3-4 years old, it would probably be a good idea to do a low-level format, too.
. Hope that helps. Just remember, I’m a Newbie, so verify all this before you start monkeying around. If you’re not mechanically inclined, don’t open the case - you may never get it back together.

I’m trying to recover a HD and came across this link: It allows you to boot from a cd and run various programs to test cpus. I would get it and test the HD, hopefully it isn’t failing.

Thanks guys. But I can’t get past the safe mode selection screen, it keeps on freezing after that.

. Try to boot from a floppy/CD (Ultimate Boot CD, that sikoone mentioned, should work quite well, though I haven’t tried it). Doesn’t have to be Windows; any OS compatible with your hardware will do. If it will boot, you have a HDD problem. If there’s nothing on the HDD you have to save, try to format the disk. If FORMAT works, you should be able to re-install Windows. If format fails, I’d suspect a bad drive that needs to be replaced - probably not worth the time/effort/$.
. If it won’t boot from floppy/CD, the laptop probably isn’t worth fixing.

How do i download the boot cd from the site and which type do i pick?
sorry, i’m a noob

I’m sorry, i gave you the wrong link before. You want to download the disc from here: I’d run the disk check and see if there are errors on the HD. If you still can’t get it to boot, you may be able to save important files to cd using the included Deep Burner software.

If all seems lost maybe you might want to look at Spinrite. I had one HD that was making the ‘click of death’ sound and the program was able to repair whatever errors that were causing the problem. It’s not a free program though he does offer a 30 money back guarantee if it doesn’t fix the problem.

. I’ve used SpinRite to low-level format an HDD w/o losing any data! Great app.
. While you’re at the GRC site, check out some of his free utilities (primarily dealing with Win security problems) - I’ve got 6-7 of these on my “Essentials” disc.
. Not affilliated with GRC, yadda yadda yadda.