Compaq Memory = different?

I got a Compaq 300Mhz Celeron system (deskpro) here. The owner bought an additional 128mb (Infineon, PC133). The motherboard detects te memory fine, but installing Windows is impossible! With only the original 32mb in it, there is no problem (except for the speed ofcourse ;))…

Is Compaq memory different from other memory? Or is Infineon 133Mhz mem nog capable of running @66mhz?

Unfortunately Compaq needs Compaq certified memory. I have never understood why exactly , but i think their method of adressing is different.

I believe Viking makes compaq certified memory.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Unfortunately Compaq needs Compaq certified memory. I have never understood why exactly , but i think their method of adressing is different.

Is this true? I find that hard to believe. Look at the url below, the only thing mentioned is the extended quality control which Compaq memory has to pass…

I don’t think it’s different either… I use Compaq memory in one of my computers (it was free, so why not?) and that’s working fine.

If the adressing was different, the memory wouldn’t work in a normal system…

I have a Compaq Presario that originally had 24 MB of memory. I bought 32 more and worked fine without a problem.

arent there two types of sdram? i bought one kind from best buy, and it wouldnt work in my old 233, so i had to actually research it (groan) and ended up with a different type. not sure if thats what you are talking about, but it seems likely, as i could install windows with it there, but it wouldnt recognize the memory at all.

There are more kinds of SDRAM than 2 :wink:

About the Compaq: it’s working now with some kind of cheap, brandless memory…!

crucial memory works

just pick ur model

I think Compaq uses Apacer memory modules. I have a Compaq PC and I have to admit that their mobos are really sensitive. It is almost impossible to mix different brand of memory modules especially modules with different speed ( PC 100 and PC 133 ).

Currently, I am using two NPC PC 133 memory modules on my PC. It works fine.
Any memory modules can be used as long as they are the same brand and same speed.

Why don’t you post a thread at Compaq’s (HP) forum and ask whether which memory modules are compatible with your PC. Chances are, they might ask you to buy certified Compaq memory modules rather than telling you which RAM to buy.

After doing some de-stickering, I found that the memory in this Compaq was LG

My 400Mhz Compaq (ATX-tower) likes the cheapest memory… Compaq uses their own weird designs, so it’s a hit-or-miss issue I think.

My old Compaq is almost standard, one of my friends have a extremly unsatisfying design on his old Compaq, it has the PSU 1mm from the CPU :slight_smile:
And wires everywhere…

(alot of OT talk today from my side, slaps self :slight_smile:

Sorry for coming in late on this subject guys, but having owned (currently in storage), a Compaq Deskpro Celeron 266, I thought I should add my two cents worth.

I bought a generic branded 128Mb stick (think it was a brand called “legend”),of PC100Mhz a couple of years ago to upgrade my Compaq Deskpro & never had a single problem with the new “non-compaq” ram. I’m using this same stick in current self-assembled PC rig now.

I do remember something in the Compaq manuals though about the type of suitable SDRAM though. It might be about whether it was double/single sided SDRAM, I can’t remember.
Does the ram work okay in other PC’s?

I’m not saying they weren’t a pain, upgrading the video card on the Compaq deskpro was a complete pain in the butt!