Compaq f700/f500 gpu overheat problem....plz help me out pppllllzzz!



ok so heres my problem…i have a compaq f700 and a compaq f500 that were both having problems with the nvidia chip overheating problem they r famous for.well i reflowed the solder on the chips and got em both going again but they were still overheating horribly so i put the penny in there on em both…

in case you don’t know about the penny fix…

so neways i do it and now both of em won’t even power up!! the light will only come on and right off. it doesn’t even stay on to try to post. if neone has ne idea what i can do or what the issue is plz help me out.

thanks guys and gals!!!


Have you done this…
Do a “hard reset” (turn power off, take out battery, take AC plug out of laptop,hold power button for 30 seconds), then replace battery, and AC cord and then press “power button” on. The unit should then power-up as normal.


sure did man! since posting i got the f500 to power up and got it runnin perfect. it was accually either the hard drive or one of the ram cards wasn’t seated right as i took em all out n reinstalled them and got that one up. but the f700 is the one i been tryin to get goin for a week or so and it just won’t no matter what. i did the penny trick and it came on once but turned off after about 10 minutes and ever since it just lights up the power light for about one possibly two seconds and dies out again.if neone got ne thoughts plz help!! i am going to tear it back down tomorrow and reseat the penny using some better thermal paste i got today(was using the 3$ radio shack brand til i got some silver today)so if neone can think of nething i will check here tomorrow b4 i do the teardown.

            thanks to anyone who can give ne advice!


Have you check with compaq on this heat issues??


This is a common problem for various makes and models of laptops that used certain NVIDIA GPUs a few years back. They overheat and fail and/or the GPU separates from the motherboard due to heat cycling. I have a Dell D620 that started showing signs of a video problem and the case near the GPU would get very hot to the touch. I found a place in MA that specializes in repairing the NVIDIA GPU problems for a flat rate of $90. I sent the laptop to them a couple weeks ago and they replaced the GPU and added some copper shims between the heat sink and chip to allow for better heat transfer to cooler. They turned it around in one week! It works great now and the heating up of the GPU isn’t nearly as severe. Laptops from HP, Compaq, Dell and possibly a few others have the same issue. In fact, NVIDIA settled a class action suit regarding this matter not long ago.


well i can’t really call compaq about the problem as the computers are out of warranty and they will charge me for the “help”! but as for the nvidia chip overheating issues with this chipset i know about it and am accually buying up these computers when i can find em. c the most common issue is the chip becoming too hot and the solder letting it separate from the mb. so i have gotten good at reflowing the solder with a heatgun and using a penny instead of the copper shim. it works great for this issue but this one is just giving me problems! i am just going to tear it back down…(along with the one i got in the mail yesterday and the one from ups today)…and reflow the solder again and c if it helps.just didn’t know if perhaps this was an unrelated problem that some others have seen and knew how to deal with is all.

              thanks everyone!

ps-90$ is a lil much i think since i do it for around 50$


I found out about this NVIDIA GPU issue from buying a Dell D620 off Craigs List for $100. It was listed as having a video problem and the poster thought it needed a new LCD display or an inverter. Since it had 4gb of RAM, a T7600 processor, bluetooth and was in pristine condition, I took a chance on it since replacing and LCD/invertor is simple. Then I started researching it and came to the conclusion it was the NVIDIA GPU and not the screen. I thought about doing the repair myself, and probably would have if the laptop wasn’t so nice, but resoldering a chip was more than I wanted to take on. Then I found this repair shop in MA and for a flat fee they will fix any number of problems. If they can’t then they refund your money in full and ship the laptop back or give you a new quote to cover the repair if it needs a new screen, motherboard etc. Since the $90 included return shipping, and they replace the GPU with a new one, it seems like a pretty good deal. Plus, it eliminates the chance I would have trashed the laptop beyond repair. Then the fact they shipped the laptop back to me in one week of receiving it was just icing on the proverbial cake.

So now I have a very nice laptop with great specs for less than $200. You gotta love the things you can find on Craigs List.


oh well that is a whole different story!! guess i shoulda found out the whole story before i jumped to conclusions! and for that i am sorry!c i have just really started doing this and accually have started my business on the back of the problem of this graphic chip issue.i have been working on computers for family and friends for about 20 years just for kicks and just recently started to get paid by ppl who arent friends n family so i made up business cards and flyers and started making a few bucks. then i put that on ebay and been buyin all the f700s and f500s i can find with this problem and fixing them and makin pretty good money reselling them. this one just has me stumped as i have never had this problem happen. i am starting to think i might have either got one that was just too far gone or i heated the motherboard up too much during reflow but whatever it is i am goin to try to open it up and tear it down n run it one more time…was going to yesterday but just got too busy so either this evening or tomorrow i will do it and post for all to c if i was successful!thanks all and man i am glad i found this place to talk to ppl about this stuff cuz i try to talk to my wife about it and get “ummm yeah thatts nice honey” and the sort!! :wink:


No offense was taken with your post. It sounds like you might have found a nice little niche to start a business. You might want to expand the number of makes and models of laptops you pickup to repair. HP has several models with the same problem as does Dell. The D620s are famous for this problem and they are fixed just like you are doing on the Compaq laptops. Almost any laptop with a Quadro GPU from a few years back is a candidate for this problem. Also, Craigs List is a great place to find these laptops. I have seen several for sale in my area and most times you can haggle the sales price down. Good luck with your business endeavor.


I just got a list of Compaq and HP laptops with this problem if they have NVIDIA GPUs.


wow thanks alot!! this is way great info. i knew there were others with the same problem i just didn’t know it was that many.looks like i will expanding my product base! thanks abunch and i gotta get to ebay and start searchin!! :bow:


Don’t leave out Dell laptops. Here are a list of ones with the same GPU problem:

Dell Precision M2300
Latitude D630
Vostro Notebook 1400
Dell Precision M4300
Latitude D630c
Vostro Notebook 1510
Dell Precision M65
Latitude D820
Vostro Notebook 1710
Inspiron 1420
Latitude D830
XPS M1330
Latitude D620
Vostro Notebook 1310
XPS M1530


again u r the man…man…lol! but i am gunna tear down three tonight (the f700 and 2 f500s i got in the mail over the last two days.)will post results of f700 tear down to c if i fixed it. really don’t want an expensive paper weight and also don’t wanna buy a frickin botherboard but i have faith in myself…no matter how misplaced it may be!


Almost no one can start a business without a certain risk of failure. I have been self employed since 1993 and was self employed all through college. I was scared to death of failing when I started my first business out of college. Then I came to the realization that I would rather be sitting on my porch at 80 years old saying I tried and failed then sitting there not having tried and wondering what would have happened if I would have had the guts to have done it.

My advice is to go for it and take a few risks. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as they fly by you because they will be flying by. Once you start a business it can open up your mind and allow you to see all kinds of opportunities to do many, many things.


thanks for the advice and i will take it to heart. i was sick of working my A44 off for other people to get the spoils after i did all the work so i figured this is something i love to do and am good at and definatelly have the aptitude to learn alot more and become great at it. this is my shot and as you said at least i can say i am taking it and doing my best to make it! thanks again for the words of wisdom and i will be on this site in these forums for a long time to come asking for help and giving what help i can so we will c how it all works out in the end!!


ok sry it took a cpl days i got rly busy there for a cpl. but here goes…someone cyber slap me… i tore it all the way back down to motherboard and da da ta dum…forgot to plug the frickin heatsink fan back in the first time and overheated it and had to reflow the solder again and this time yes i plugged the frickin fan in before reassembly!! i could beat myself up all day here but i suppose i will leave that for everyone else…lol!!!


so i am surfing and checking out things and showing a friend the various articles about the overheat problems the compaq f500s and 700s have and i found this article that looked spookily familiar…

can you believe someone thought this thread was informative enuff to be an article? and not even a mention of where it came frome? hilarious!!!


I think we have been plagiarized.


Well, this seems to be a typical spam website. They really don’t mind “recycling” stuff they found somewhere else.



yeah it was just like…i know i read this somewhere…and then it hit me and it was …wow…