Compaq EVO n600c DVD+R

Hi, I recently got a Compaq EVO N600C and i’m looking for a good internal dvd burner to replace the standard cd-player, the Compaq CD-225E, which doesn’t even PLAY dvd’s… The only ones i’ve found so far are compaq originals and they cost over 150 euros.
I’m looking for something cheaper, like the LiteOn SSM-8515s, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit.

Does anyone have any experience regarding a evo n600c and an internal dvd burner? Which one will fit? or how can i find out which one will fit?

My current cd-player is a CD-224E.


I’ve never seen a cd-player who is able to use dvds.

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I would recommend a NEC slim drive like AD-7540 or AD-7543 (the later with Labelflash).
You’ll have to do some homework before exchange and we are always here to help you.

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It’s possible to put in a regular laptop DVD burner into an N600c. I have a N610c (which is virtually identical to a N600c) and I’m currently in the market for a DVD burner for my laptop as well.

I was thinking of buying one from Ebay.

Anyway, in regards to the drive casing, it can be removed. Mine has some small cross screws on the back and sides of the CD-ROM drive. Removing these screws releases the drive.

But you need to reattach the old casing on the new drive in order to get it working.

You also need to do something similar for when upgrading the hard drive.

soneman, you can get NEC AD-7543 at for £40+shipping. :slight_smile:

Out of my price range I’m afraid. :frowning:

I’m looking at a drive that costs me a max of £40 including P&P costs.

While we’re on this subject, have you tried upgrading the hard drive in your Compaq Evo Laptop? I’ve noticed that they come with different interfaces (ATA-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc) but I’m really not sure if any of the newer interface types will fit in my Evo laptop.

I’ve got a service and repairs manual for my laptop though and it says there that it supports hard drives with ATA-2 up to ATA-5 interface types. But most newer laptop hard drives now come equipped with ATA-6 and above interfaces so I’m not sure if any of these newer drives will work correctly or not.

I thought that maybe you might have some insight into this matter seeing as you have already upgraded your Evo laptop.

All ATA/ATAPI drives are backward compatible… :slight_smile:

On our oldest laptop (CompaQ Armada M700) I installed a Seagate 80GB ATA-5 HDD, while mobo/chipset only supports ATA-3.
Even ATA-6 or whatever shouldn’t make any difference.

Too bad because NEC AD-7543 is a great drive and price is a bargain. :wink:

So it doesn’t matter if I wanted to put in a 160 Gb ATA-7/8 hard drive in my laptop? If the motherboard doesn’t support it then aren’t there going to be issues with the actual size of the drive?

I’ve heard that some of these 100+ Gb hard drives can’t be used properly with some older motherboards. Apparently, instead of getting access to the full capacity of the drive (100 Gb+), you only get access to a quarter or half of the drive in Windows.

This is what I’ve heard. I really don’t know how much truth there is in it.

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This is slightly off-topic but I’ve got a Compaq Evo N600c/N610c service and repairs manual pdf lying around somewhere if anyone wants it. It has some useful info in there for upgrading parts in the laptop.

Right, I’ll get back on topic now.

rinrinrin, where are are you based? It would help so that we could recommend places as to where you can buy laptop DVD writers.

Link to page for downloading Compaq Evo600c/610c maintenance and service guide (12.2MB).
Enjoy. :wink:

Apologies for reviving an old thread but I’ve got some information here which I thought might be of use to the original poster of this thread.

I can confirm that it is possible to replace a CD-ROM drive in a Compaq Evo N610c Laptop with a DVD Rewriter drive as I have just done this myself.

The old drive has a casing holding it together. It’s all held in place with smallish cross screws. So you might need to buy some regular instrument screwdrivers to prise the casing off. I’m lucky because I’ve already got a wide range of different screwdrivers lying around the house so it’s not a problem for me.

There were 3 screws at the back holding in the ATA/IDE converter board and there were 2 screws holding in the two sides to the drive (4 screws).

Once the back panel ATA/IDE converter board comes off, you then have to take off the two side panels. The right hand side can be quite tricky to take off and I suggest you use a torch when attempting to get your screwdriver into the little screwholes.

All of the casing needs to be attached to the new drive. Like I said, the right hand side is very tricky to attach - you’re going to need a [I]very[/I] steady hand in order to get those tiny little screws into the screwholes. I’d suggest putting both screws into the holes square on before attempting to attach and screw in the right hand panel to the new drive.

The left panel is pretty straight forward and I don’t think it needs explaining.

Anyway, this is the drive that I ended up getting:

My new DVD Rewriter drive is now working fine in my Laptop.

@rinrinrin, if you’re in the UK, then you might wanna consider purchasing the same drive that I did.

i have the compaq nx5000 and am also looking for a dvd rw. have heard good about the nec ad-7450a. looking around all over like a crazy squirrel to see if it’s compatible with the 5000. i am a tru rookie at this and have been told to check the interface. so, what is the difference between EIDE and IDE, if any? Will the 7450 work for me? Thanks

Well maybe you should try taking out your old drive, have a good look at the back of the drive and post some pictures here.

If it has the same connectors as the N600c/N610c laptops and it’s the same size, than chances are that you can fit any drive in the CD/DVD drive bay.

Good idea. here is the back of the current drive in use. Yes/No?

All slim drives have same JAE 50 pin connector…thought this was clear by now. :slight_smile:

But this fact doesn’t mean all new slim drives will be able to run on every laptop.

so, what is the difference between EIDE and IDE, if any?

You should definitely be able to fit any drive in your Laptop.

Can you see those 3 screws holding that back panel in place? Those screws have to be removed and it should then reveal a standard laptop ATA/IDE port.

Have a look through my instructions again if you want more detailed steps.

thanks all for the assistance. am going to get the nec 7453 and give it a try.

soneman- just reread you earlier instructions and wow, those right had screws are tricky little buggers! ta for the tips. fingers crossed