Compaq deskpro



It has MS NT on it and knows NOTHING about its own hardware!

Seems to have a Pentium 3 cpu and sony cdrom and hard drives 5 GB and 3.5 GB, and modem

Hardware Profiles ASKS ME to ebter the info!

Would like to know cpu speed, hd speeds, cd and modem speeds and other simple stuff
(Like MSD used to tell us in the days when Gates’ stuff worked!)

Thanks for any help you can give


Go into SoftPaq (I belive that’s HP/Compaq’s term for BIOS) and you’ll probably find a system info window.


does dxdiag still work in NT?

Try it, cant remember for sure right now though.


I had a deskpro nt, one of the last ones, It had a pentium II 350 The mb was pretty limited as upgrading goes. You can find all your info in the bios.


Thanks Guys!