Compaq DeskPro Temperatures?

I have a Compaq deskpro Pentium III and I would like to know if there is any software capable to monitor cpu temperature, fan speed etc for this computer. I looked for something like this on compaq site, i’ve got redirected to HP and found nothing, nor google search or any other hardware monitoring software were usefull.
I mention, that there are termometers near the cpu and one somewere in the middle of the motherboard, fans have 3 wires, so they are probably capable of reporting rotation speeds …
Thanks. :bow:

Motherboard Monitor gives you this information, however the program isn’t developed any longer and doesn’t support the newest mainboards/chipsets. But that should be no problem in your case though. Alternatively, you could use Speedfan, which gives you much more info than MBM, but this program is less user friendly.