Compaq Computers

Hi guys, Just sold of my Lite-On LTR-32125W to a friend who has a Compaq computer and it has some sort of weird “rail” type things where the drive mounts, not “normal” screws.

They gave me a cheque, and they’re visiting the local electrical store in the morning, to see if they can install it.

 My question, any one have or know about the rails in these Compaq's and if the rails will attach to an ordinary drive (ie Lite-On CD-RW). Sort of worried, just after a quick responce, to clear my thoughts. Hope it fits, can anybody shed some light on how those rails work? Do the rails require special drive cases specifically designed for Compaq's cases :confused: 

Thanks very much, give me any of your thoughts.

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The rails are for a quick placement for drives.
You need to screw some kind of strips on both sides of the drive. These strips will fit in to the rails.

Thanx for the reply :wink:

You positive? Are you shure these are the same as what I’m talking about? Do you have a Compaq PC, which has these?

Sorry for all the Qs, but I want to be definative so I won’t be forced to buy it back:p

BTW, I did see white plastice “strip” sort of things on the rails.

Will it screw on to a Lite-On?

Thanks for helping me :bigsmile:

I do not have a compaq myself but at work they have

You screw the strip to the drive and slide it in the railes. Normally they get strips with the computer.

Thanks, I’ll go see if the strips screw in to the drive! Fingers crossed, hopefully you are correct :smiley:

i just discovered i have a 12 pieces my self…

a pity i can not make pics to show them…

also get your friend to call compaq as i know that compaq’s dont like getting new hardware put in to them. the reason for this might be that compaq tattoo the hdd the way that packard bell do.if they do your friend will need to be talked through how to tattoo the hdd because this is not an easy thing to do.

I have tried to install hdd’s and dvd rom’s and burner’s into compaq’s before and they just dont want to take them in. the last cd rom i put in a compaq kept giving the blue screen of death evry time i tried to install something. Yet the same hardware works absolutely perfect in other pc’s.

tattooing is a process of telling the pc what hardware is installed on that machine and if it is not in the tattoo it will not run correctly or may not run at all.