Compaq 2111AP TEAC DW-224E-C drive not booting



have a compaq 2111AP laptop; it originally came with a toshiba cdrom drive ( i dont remember the model); the cdrom developed a reading trouble and i got the cdrom replaced with dvd/cdrw TEAC DW-224E-C

i checked for its reading and writing ability when i collected from compaq service center. (after the machine was up and running in windows xp pro); it plays cds and dvds and burns cds; also when xp boot is inserted it auto plays them also.

recently i was planning to repartition the hard-disk and install a boot manager; when i tried to start the machine with DOS boot CD (after setting the options in bios: CDROM/Harddisk), it still started with Windows xp on harddisk. ignoring the cdrw drive.

i removed the hdd and i set floppy / cdrom / hdd for booting sequence; when the laptop was started it checked the floppy (green light and whirring sound); no response for cdrw(no greenlight!) and went to the preboot bios giving a message (check the cable; no operating system found);

i changed the boot sequence for floppy / hard disk / cdrom; again the same message; it appears it checks floppy and the hard disk only.

when i entered the bios setup, it list the floppy (legacy floppy drive), hard disk (toshiba…) but just names cdrom (with no product identification; not dvd/cdrw or teac) ; does bios identify the product brand

My laptop is compaq 2111AP with mobile pentiumIV 2.0 Ghz and 390 mb ram.
my bios details are:
Phoenix bios4.0 Release 6.0
Hewlett-Packard Presario 2100 Bios Revision KE.M1.54 dated 12/17/02
Chip set ALI M5237 REv3

is a bios update indicated?


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is a bios update indicated?
You could update bios, but I’m not sure your new drive will be detected properly or if you’ll be able to repatition your HDD.
HP, Compaq, Dell branded computers normally have a hidden partition preventing you from repartition.
Visit Compaq support for more information how and if it can be done.