Company PCs hijacked by music downloaders, potential for lawsuits



I just posted the article Company PCs hijacked by music downloaders, potential for lawsuits.

GristyMcFisty lets us know that according to a
new survey, more than
three-quarters of corporations have file-sharing programs installed on company
computers. None of the mid-sized and larger…

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That’s bad… Some people should not bring their company into trouble.


Perhaps they did not know they were doing something wrong


Just because they have a peer to peer app installed doesn’t mean they are doing anything illegal. They have to be sharing copy righted music or video that they do NOT own for it to be illegal. You still can use kazaa and such to share legally owned files!


It’s not about the contents. It’s about people who uses company’s resources to do something unrelated. They don’t have to share copyrighted softwares to violate the laws, as long as they have it and use it, that’s illegal. Set up the network without access to internet with limited privilieges is the best idea.


In response to mguindon10’s comment “They have to be sharing copy righted music or video that they do NOT own for it to be illegal” This is incorrect. If you own it and then “share” it that is illegal.


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It’s the same thing as running SETI on your work computer. Some companies have a policy some don’t. It’s not you computer or network you should only do work related things with it. But they can only fire you once so if you’re going to do it do it BIG! I wonder when the 1st office shooting related to P2P networks will happen; and in what state (oh has it happen?) Crazy people: think of Tim McVeigh + RIAA headquarters + Ryder Truck full of explosives and what a surprise that would be. I’m not saying anyone should do any violence to any RIAA people, but if you are crazy and have a truck full of explosives, don’t waste it on some generic federal building.