Company claims unhackable protection - there we go again

I just posted the article Company claims unhackable protection - there we go again.

Lamar used our newssubmit to tell us that a company called ReDOX claims to have made an unhackable protection, and is encouraging companies to try out their protection for free.


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This guy will be eating his words in no time. Bulletproof my a$$ :r

This protection is Foolproof? How did it get past their own researchdepartment? Fools!

There is an inherent problem with any software that allows it to be cracked: You must give the cracker all of the unprotected info. Sure, you can obscure it, but it is still there, under layers of destroyed IA Tables, encrypted memory pages, etc. I do not doubt their claim, however, that fools cannot crack there protection; it is “foolproof”

The problem with this challenge is that they issued it to the wrong people. These developers do not have the mindset of a hacker and therefore do not think like one. White lillies Island, A Tribute to Jim Reeves were also tested by developers and what were those results. LET THEM ISSUE this CHALLENGE to PEOPLE who frequent this WEB SITE and see how long that protection lasts. I’ll take the music CD’s portion.

This vaporware is two years old. Report from Financial Express of India:

old news, sort of ? I still haven’t actually seen the patent anywhere either. And with only 7 hits for ‘redox "divine logic’" on Google, I think it’s safe to say : vaporinvestmentware

Silly, Silly people. When will they learn? :wink: ANy sort of protection is crackable. If in hardware, a program can be made to work around it. If in software, a prog can be made to workaround that too. As long as the actual information and data is there on the disc, and it can be read by a CD-Rom, it can and WILL be cracked. :stuck_out_tongue: Remember M$'s "uncrackable Windows? Does anybody remember the Titanic? Look, I see an iceberg… :8 -=+gREEtz+=- nEXusJ

nEXusJ : I really agree with you…if the actual data is on the cd rom and it can be read by a cd rom reader/writer then it can be copied ( may be only dumped to my hard disk but still not writable on a cd in a proper way ). My question is this : why as for playstation 1 cds the copyprotection ( the boot protection ) is there, it can be read ( psx cd rom drive is a poor normal 2x reader ), but still no burning program that can properly copy it so that I don’t need and mod chip on my psx ? this can be extended to other consoles too… May be because mod chip factories need to sell them ? May be because copied games made the psx sellings a success ? anyway…Lite On rules ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Motoracer: If you look at the bottom of genuine Playstation discs, you will be able to see a sort of design when you tilt it to the light. There is some sort of emmbedded header or something that the Playstation BIOS reads that lets it begin to play the game. If that emmbeded information is not present, it aborts all action. The MOD chip bypasses that reading of the special info, and the Playstation recognises it as a genuine disc. So unless you find a way to emebed some sort of header information that matches the Playstation BIOS, you need a MOD chip to bypass it. Unlike a computer, of course, you can’t just download a software patch to bypass the protection. The MOD chip is a hardware patch. Welcome to the limiting world of Consoles. :r gREEtz

I’m surprised (but I hope no software companies are reading this) that more software companies aren’t making their software like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (safedisc, I believe), where the disc is checked during installation. Since only the Lite-On (not sure about the Plex) is the only one that can do a CloneCD of Safedisc 2.51, it makes cracks useless, and would limit only to Lite-On owners who can copy games.

I hear everybody saying: off course this protection is copyable, every protection is copyable. May I say two words: Tagès and StarForce!! :c

Kusaywa who told you only bloody lite on can copy safedisc 1+2 there are many drives that can do it all you need is a drive that reads and writes CORRECT EFM encoding go get your self a cheap LG 32x10x40 they are perfect for this protection and Namoh you need to read the development journal at fantom cd to find out that it is being done :d

spc I know they are working on Tagès, but as far as I know they haven’t copied it. YET! Can you give me (us) some links.

I do not believe this program can be hacked. It may very well be the first software Anti-Piracy program that is unhackable. It is totally different from anything else on the market and works in a different way. Even if at some point it can be hacked I think it will be so difficult that it will be found out to be the best Anti-Piracy program on the market and the important part is it gives the power to the software company and it is user friendly. This could be very big for the industry. I challenge the best of you to get a copy from Redox and give it your best shot. I do not think you will break this program.

Easy spc, nothing to get upset about. All I’m saying is, every time a new protection comes out, peeps aren’t going to run out and get the latest burner that can copy it. At one time the Plex was the best, but everyones bragging about the Lite-on. What’s next?