Company claims patent on fake files on P2P networks



I just posted the article Company claims patent on fake files on P2P networks.

Cindy used our newssubmit to tell us that on we can read that the company Overpeer has claimed US patents for fake files (that e.g contain only 30 secs of a song, but have still the same…

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Oh really? i’ll sue them cause I hold this patent!


And I would like to patent water, computers, and gravity. You can’t patent this idea, it’s already in use!


think about it SirDavidGuy, a patent lioke this in the hands of someone who SUPPORTS P2P technology, making sure this kind of P2P “fucking” will NEVER be used!


And the solution… MD5 Hashes built into the filesharing app (like edonkey2000). Quickly solves this problem. The file that has been tampered with would have a completely different hash.


Am I the only one who thinks the US patent office is getting out of control? How can this possibly be patented? I think an UN-patent office should be opened to review all patents, crap like this should be torn up, spit on, and thrown out.


yes Cassnellidac, but wih the right algorithms you can tamper the file so it has the same MD5 (a 1 on 1 zillion possibility) :slight_smile: i can change a file so it becomes something that’s half different… but with the same CRC. But yes, secure and anonymous P2P is the way to go :slight_smile:


No, you can’t tamper with MD5 mathematically (Unless you know something about it that the rest of thr world doesn’t). However, it is easy to tamper with it in in a file-sharing system. You cannot complete computing the hash until you recieve the file. Therefore, the sender could send you a fake hash before he finished sending the file. On another note: I’ve figured out another way for file-sharing anonymity. I’ll be checking it out for a bit…