Companies shipping unlocked phones to consumers

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Ten years ago it was extremely difficult to find mobile phones unlocked prior to shipping, but several manufacturers are now relying on unlocked phones to attract consumers.

Both Sony Ericsson and…

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Am I reading this right? Unlocked phones are actually difficult to purchase in America?

Most phone shops here in Australia sell all (or most) of their phones unlocked and contract free if you’re prepared to pay full price for it. A lot of electronics stores sell 'em too, but most of the shelf space is dedicated to pre-paid (locked) handsets. Many contract phones come unlocked and all pre-paid phones can be unlocked for free after a year or immediately if you pay the telco a fee.

I read that in some European countries network locking is actually illegal.

In response to the closing question: Yes. My current phone was only $100 more than the pre-paid version. I just stuck my old SIM in and turned it on. Done. No help (or permission) from the telco required.

Well, its alot harder in America than Australia to get a unlocked phone. You could buy it unlocked at certain places, but it cost alot more.

Here in Texas, you can get any phone unlocked for about $20-$30. None of them come that way and the carriers have a cow when you buy a phone that isn’t THAT carrier’s phone and it’s unlocked…they won’t support it; warranty issues. I think it is great to have an unlocked phone as long as all the features are usable on whatever service you have.