Companies removing protection

Hey guys,
Got a little Q here. Companies spend thousands on putting protection on games right. Why do then remove the with a patch? Games like UT04, XIII, HL2? Im pritty sure HL2’s protection cos too many people moaned about. But wat bout the others?


I think its when the game becomes cheap, (as with UT2004, as it will soon be UT2005, XIII could be picked up for $10) however I dont quite see why it involves removing the protection.

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There are not making a UT05, but there will be a UT06!


That sux, I assumed there would be a 2005,
The shops have started selling 2004 for £15.

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Yeah I read it in a mag awhile ago, There updating the engine or somthing. But they have sed there will be and 06.


Yeah they are going to use the new Unreal engine, which looks pretty sweet.

Could be because of the bad press regarding that particular copy protection… eg. Starforce. Or maybe a lot of users couldn’t run the game because of the said protection messing with their PC. I’m not entirely sure.

I know you can play Codename Panzers 1 and 2 without the CD after you get the official patch.

I’m not complaining. :slight_smile:

It is sometimes the trouble, like with Sony’s XCP debacle, but also as mentioned because of the price. Once a game has been relegated to the bargain bin, there isn’t much point to copy-protection.

The first time I heard about this sort of thing was when id removed the online authentication for Quake III after it had been out for a while (and yet they still charge for Keen, Wolfenstein, Doom…. :confused: ) Also, Curious Labs removed the Pace anti-piracy protection from Poser 5 when they released SP3. Rockstar went further by not only removing the protection, not only releasing it’s older games for free, but updating them to work on today’s computers as well.

When a new version comes out and there is not much more money to be had from the old one, some companies have enough sense to remove the protection and reduce customers’ hassle and frustration.

Starforce was horrible which is why there are official patches to remove it. The one thing I don’t like about steam is the fact that I need an internet connection to install my games.

Yeah, I don’t like the idea of external requirements for anything. I would hope that Valve would release patches to remove the server requirement if they should ever go out of business (or if the games get bargain-binned).

Usually they do it because too many users report problems with the protection, and it floods their tech support.

And that’s the worst part, most remove it because their customers are having problems with it, not because eventually they realize that there is little value in keeping it on obsolete software where there is little profit to be had. There are a few companies that remove it once the software is bargain-binned, but others are too greedy. I mean come on, who is going to pirate a copy of a 15 year, eight version-old software?

There is an option in steam to burn backup discs, has anybody experimented with that?

Are you talking about the thing where you can make a sort of self-extracting archive?