Companies develop system to thwart HD VOD & PPV piracy



I just posted the article Companies develop system to thwart HD VOD & PPV piracy.

Even if no one managed to originally hack the AACs copy protection, one type of HD piracy growing rapidly is the distribution of home made recordings from per-per-view and video-on-demand high…

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The music and movie NAZI’s strike again. :frowning:


---------------------------------------- ““LOGISTEP AG is a specialized privately controlled Anti-Piracy Company Limited incorporated in and operating out of Switzerland on an international basis. Our ownership structure guarantees our independence, which renders us a unique feature amongst our competitors around the world. The deliberate infringements of copyrights have developed into a major problem and is at the centre of our intensive research and development work, as well as of our running activities. The illegal online distributing and sharing of intellectual property rights, notably through P-2-P (Peer-to-Peer) File Sharing systems, have increased dramatically during recent years. The estimated up to 3 billion illegally shared files per month is reason enough to counteract this development. Our patented “LS-Technology” software system enables us to protect products like Computer Games, Music, Movies and Software in an effective and focused manner. Through our protected technology it is possible to identify files/ databases and their owners, respectively individual File Traders who seed File-Sharing networks with copyrighted material, in an absolutely clear and reliable manner. We recognize the problem and we offer effective solutions to prevent further economic losses, including compensation for the lost licence fees.”” ----------------------------------------------------- link: amazing non ? :r