Compairing Kprobe data between a True 1620 and a 1600>1620

summary of burns


Well, you seem to have shown that your two drives are different. But by only using one of each type of drive, all you are showing are that these two individual drives are different. If you could test at least 10 (preferably more) of each type of drive, then you might be onto something.

What would be hilarious is if your doing all this burning analysis and you’re that girl in the pic. :eek: Great analysis. May I ask what you’re profession is?

my profession??..kekeke…why do you ask??..

Media COmparision…

yes as any statician would point out the sample size is too small…but if Benq can supply me 8 more drives…i dun mind…pls media…kekeke

i will :bow: :bow:

so i take it that original 1620 is better correct?
oc-freak has said he to has gotten better results from original 1620 than 1600@1620