CompactFlash to make comeback as next gen storage card

CompactFlash to make comeback as next gen storage card.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The CompactFlash Association (CFA) hopes that their next-generation memory cards are going to become the predominant format as new specifications for faster, higher capacity cards have been proposed to support the storage of increasingly high-resolution photos and high-definition video.

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Oh come on! Give it up!

Secure Digital mopped the floor with Compact Flash because it was a superior format, even though CF was significantly cheaper. And SSD’s are mopping the floor with all other flash technologies, with the exception of size.

Choose one - Standardisation is good, the manufacturers can compete on features/quality/price … Even Toshiba with their HD-DVD realised that multiple formats is just silly, because it divides the market, increases R&D and Shipping and handling costs (mulitple different products now) and hence overall expenses, and makes manufacturers & customers less likely to upgrade to either.

Work with Secure Digital and see what you can bring to the table to improve SD.