Compact Flash Radio Card Question

OK here goes, I need some input from anyone who has a unit similar to one of these (Compact Flash Radio) or just has knowledge of it. I want a simple solution for radio. Only thing I can find is TV & Radio cards, and thats a hastle to take with you if you travel, or even if you use a laptop.

I need to know if anyone knows if this is for PocketPC only, or if it will also work in regular PC with windows. I don’t wanan spend money one something that will be useless to me.

TIA :smiley:

Here are some examples of what these looklike.

I suspect this really depends on the software, so this is very hard to judge if it should be in General Software forum, or General Hardware forum, so I maybe I will move it later on depending on what is appropriate.

The answerwas only an search away. Not to mention cheaper price + free shipping + no tax + you can return it if it doesn’t work.

Yes I saw that line yoo…
"Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Me; PPC 2000, PPC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 "

but I am worried they mean that it works when the PocketPC is synced with one of those O/S or via an O/S if sync’d. I didn’t care to bid and used ebay simply for picture refernces.

I am also worried reception will SUCK because the antenna is so small.

Just found reviews for it:

Maybe its worth trying for that price.

Reviewer: Steve Goldston (see more about me) from san francisco, CA United States
I use this mainly as a radio for my notebook. It’s not billed as such, but the PC software is on the CD also. You get a line-in cable, and if you have a line-in jack and a CF slot or a CF slot adapter like me, then you can play a radio without slowing down your dial-up connection. Also, it doesn’t use up desk space, except for a few inches protrusion from the CF card. I lost the software when I closed down my computer without shutting down the cool-looking on screen tuner. A deinstall/reinstall didn’t do the trick, so I had to use system restore on Windows XP to get it back.
It works fine on my Toshiba e750 ppc as well. Reception is average, so only count on getting strong stations. The on-screen tuning is the easiest and most accurate radio tuning, though.

Reviewer: cwitthans from Student Sector - Chico California
here is the skinny. I originally bought my pda because of it’s internal wifi capability. when i came across this fine device, i was currious enough to try it out. THe brand name was relatively new to me, and i was a bit skepical to buy it. Once it arrived on my doorstep, it was within 5 minnutes before i had everything out and ready to go. WOW. 18 presets and a strong FM antenna, every channel came in crisp and clear just like listening to my mp3s. For anyone who, like me, have listened to their music over and over again, and wants a cheap alternative this this the device for you. Its small, compact, and has excelent energy conservation, i cant wait to get the Ambicom GPS reciever which i just ordered. Ambicom means Quality and fits any budget.

Reviewer: Blake Morillas (see more about me) from Chico, CA USA
Let me just say wow! You would think that for $32 you would get a piece of #$&*, but I am surprised. The stations come in so clear and with 18 presets you have a lot of space to save your favorite ones. It works with Pocket PC 2003 and the software is so easy to use. It comes with a pair of stereo earbuds and a line-in cable so you can plug it into your computer. If you are wondering it will not play through your PDA speaker(s), there is a headphone port on the card its self. My Dell Axim is now compleat, and when I get tired of my mp3’s I now have a radio to listen to!

Doesn’t sound like it will play directly and I wanted to avoid using a line in jack, I might go to local stores to see if they have it so I can play with it.