Compact disc sales drop over 1st half of 2007

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Going by this EURweb report, during the first 6 months of this year, a Nielsen SoundScan report has found that the sales of music CDs have fallen by 15% so far this year, a 4% further drop compared…

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Say , this is what happens when you try to sell crap , and call it music! Gotta love John’s IFPI propaganda twist in the tail at the end! , what wanker and a clown ! :+

Funny thing is offten the dodgy leaks, unmastered versions, Vinyl and dvd-a rip’s are actualy far better quality than CD’s. CD’s are thanks to modern mastering are just loud wimpy sounding crap. The number of special Limited edition Vinyls from varios bands featuring proper top notch mastering which should be the cd version inthe first place is becoming stupid. I’ve brought more Vinyl than CD’s so far this year because Record companies refuse to master them properly!! I hate Vinyl and all the pop’s and crackles, much better than digital clipping though!
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The problem with these statistics is they ignore competitive entertainment products sales entirely. Over this same period - how much did dvd sales grow? How much did game system software sales grow? How much did cable TV fees increase? How much did digital music services and radio broadcasting grow? How much money was invested in switching to high definition television signals, equipment, players and programming/media? The overall entertainment industry revenues are growing by leaps and bounds - but the music industry won’t be happy until folks are giving up bread and milk to buy the latest mediocre cd release so some record company executive or music superstar can buy another mansion somewhere. Don’t they realize that every dvd we buy most certainly has an impact on whether we will buy a cd or not also? And counting free song downloads as missed revenues is silly. What makes anyone think that a song a person accepts onto their hard disk for free would have been purchased otherwise? It’s all a bunch of nonsense posturing by the music industry and the RIAA. Why anyone takes their studies and statements seriously is beyond me. :X

CD sales are finished. Every time I go into a mall or department store I see the CD music section devoid of people. Why bother buying shite when one can get all the music they want off P2P networks ?
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Posted by heystoopid: Say , this is what happens when you try to sell crap , and call it music! I could not agree with you more!! Also I would like to add, alot of it sounds compressed and horrible.

I still buy a few cd’s every year… but they are usually just from bands I’ve grown up listening, and still put out at least half decent albums. The record companies went into the direction of creating one hit wonders and what not, and with digital downloads… theres no need for people to buy the entire cd. As well… back in the 90’s cd’s were a newer technology, alot of people were still reverse buying their catalogs, because cd’s were a vast inprovement over tapes (and arguable records)… but now all thise people have leveled off their collection, new music is fairly poor… and well… even they switch to digital…the pirated stuff has no drm, and is often better quality then what you’d pay for.