Compact Disc Archive Image Files

I am trying to make a complete backup archive of all my Compact Discs I own… As I have gone through 2 divorces and lost over 200 CD’s to the bit----women…I want to always have a copy in case I involuntarily lose any more in any future marriages (or theives)…Anyways, I am using Nero Burning ROM to make .nrg files of the disc images and then I use WinRAR to compact them down abit so I can save a little space. I’ve gotten many CD’s to be compacted enough to fit 2 whole images onto one CD-R. Is this a good setup to be doing what I am doing, or does anyone have a better idea? Is WinRAR the best compression tool for this? It is better than Winzip in the fact it compresses the file MUCH smaller.

WinRar (.rar) is superb, but I’ve heard mention that WinAce (.ace) can compact files into an even smaller archive.