Comp wont load some dvds

my comp wont load some dvds- bee movie,30 days of night and the eye.these are dvds i bought and can not make a copy,i have 2hp lightscribe dvd drives.the drives say there is no disc in the drive after it trys to load it for 4 or 5 seconds.all my other movies will load to be played with media player or copied with dvd fab or there any software to force the dvd to load .i have player path enabbled on dvd fab platium but these 3 dvds still wont is copy protection or a prob with my drives.
2.33 ghz dual core.
2 gig of memory
2 dvd drives
200 gig and 500gig hard drives
windows xp service pack 2

The only solution is trying to read these discs with a different drive. You can ask to your friends to use their drives to rip the unreadable discs.

Alternatively, because of some pressed discs are defective, you can ask for a refund to the store where you bought the movies. Or at least a substitution of the defective media with a working one :slight_smile:

if they are bad pressed discs then why will they play on my set top box and not on my comp.if i bring them back to the shop and say they wont play, all the shop will do is try them out on a set top box and they will tell me they are ok.can i get a refund for a dvd that will play on a set top box and not on my comp?.

Just for the heck of it,disable PathPlayer and try again…
Are the disks dirty,or they brand spanking new?

The discs are new,disabled player path on dvd fab platium and they still wont load???.whats the diff with my 2 drives on my pc and my set top box drive.???

Your computer is treating the disk as data, so if there is any missing (unreadable) information (that is not fixed in error correction), it will be unable to continue. A stand alone dvd player treats it as video, and may just skip past unreadable data. It could be copy protection (intentional bad or weak spots on the disk, intentional corrupt files and dummy files that are unreadable are all methods that have been used). As has been said, it could also be a defective or even improperly mastered disk (happens a lot more often than you think). It could also be your drive(s) is not the best reader (many members here have a drive that is a strong reader and another drive that is a strong burner).

As far as exchanging, they are not going to watch the whole movie to make sure it plays. Stand alone dvd players are the same way anyway (some are stronger readers, some are not, some blow past errors, some will stop). Just because it plays on one doesn’t mean it will play on another. If it is happening with several movies though, I would consider getting a drive that is a strong reader (sounds like yours may not be). You could also investigate copy protection problems before spending money too. Down load the free trail of anydvd and try to rip with dvd decryptor.

sounds right.I find that drive b will read a lot better then drive a even that the two drives are the same (hp lightscribe 840b dvd writers).ANY body have reading prob with these drives.Will anydvd work with dvd fab platium on the same comp?.what are the best drives for reading ?.
thanks ripit:flower::flower:

So far as I know, anydvd can be run with any program. It just runs in the background and does its thing separate from the burning and or compression application. I do know that it works fine together with at least some programs that also have copy protection removal functions. Its free to try it out though, so there’s really nothing to loose (you don’t really have to pay even to use it to trouble shoot your problems as long as you find a solution before the free trail runs out). Personally I think its the best copy protection program you can get.

As far as a strong reader, The strongest readers I have are not made anymore (I have a half dozen good drives so I have not had any reason to get any of the current models available). The last new drive I got was a pull from a dead system that someone abandoned (didn’t need another drive but a free liteon for scanning was nice). Perhaps someone else could make a suggestion on a strong reader from whats available right now though.

Also, you could look at the more popular drives right now in this poll.
then go to the specific brand forum here
and read the review to see if its a strong reader (a lot of the reviews are stickied at the top of the forum for each brands forum).

This one looks like it has potential
Note, I do not have this drive so I am only pointing it out as a possibility (I have an 18x samsung that is a decent reader, not my best reader but pretty good). Maybe someone that owns it can comment.