Comp USA Sony 16x DVD+R



Through Jan 27 Comp USA has Sony 16x DVD+R on sale. I bought a pack for 100@$22.99 and it’s media id: SONYD21. That was on the list of First Grade media on the website… :slight_smile:


thanks much for the info. need some +Rs badly.


I’ve used Sony D21 MIJ and they are excellent in every aspect except ~3000 total PIFs , if I were you , I’d have gotten Office Max’s Verbatim 16X MCC media , 100 for 26$ , they are better :slight_smile:


yeah don’t put any stock in digitalfaq, his media ranking sucks and lots of people new to burning get burned by that list! while sonys own media is usually good, it is by no means first class. another glaring example woluld be ritek g04/g05 rated as second class media, this stuff is notorius for degrading to the point of being unreadable weeks after burning. also CMC rated as 4th class? wtf! as long as its under a decent brand name, cmc can range from good to exelent


Totally agree :iagree:


Yep both Sony16D1 and SonyD21 have been garbage for me in every extent of the word.

Horrible PIE’s, and way too many PIF for my liking.

The MIJ variant should be better as is Sony branded TY media (also MIJ).


Yeah, that site lists TDK as 1st class and for me they were pure junk. That guy makes it up as he goes along and claims to be some high tech expert when in fact he just acts like a jerk.


Ok sooooo where do you get your media rankings from?
Its great to tear down but you should give an alternative.


Ok sooooo where do you get your media rankings from?
Its great to tear down but you should give an alternative.
go here or if u look around in here in the hardware/optical forums…they post burn scans of all different kinds of media…i personally don’t mind the sony’s but only at 8x…any other speed…as stated…the PIF’s are through the roof


right here at cdfreaks :wink: check out the blank media forum :iagree: is ok to check what MIDs a certain brand uses, but the coments there can be misleading

welcome to the forum btw :slight_smile:


If is MIJ then is a good quality of media otherwise the quality is questionable.


There’s a great alternative…

For 4$ extra you get media that truly is first rate, as opposed to the Sony’s which I and many others have had problems with. There is simply much better media for the price.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better performing disc than SONY DVD-R or DVD+R (legit, Sony-branded media). It’s about on par with TY (DVD-R), maybe not quite as good as MCC. These actually work very well, the 16x discs, in many burners using a default write strategy. This is important if you’re using an older or firmware-unsupported burner. The Japanese ones tend to do a bit better than the Taiwanese ones, but both are excellent discs (both in “scans” and in real-world application).

They don’t have one. Just some of your typical online banter. You’ll find it’s the same handful of folks online griping. … And then their “alternative” is unmoderated/unknown user lists and posts? Yikes! May as well not even seek advice if you’re willing to use any old comment! Just blindly walk out there and buy whatever is on sale, if that’s how you want to approach the topic. The most you can get from user forums is updates on latest branding information and firmware cooperation.

What I do find amusing, however, is when you go to a site like (the so-called “alternative”), and look at the unmoderated ratings (or any number of other review sites online), or look at ALL the forum posts that are out there, you’ll pretty much find the [B]exact same[/B] overall conclusions. For example, Sony 16x media (pretty solid GOOD reviews there), or the inferior CMC 16x that many of these same folks seem to love (pretty solid POOR or MIXED reviews). It’s quite clear a few folks simply like to gripe. Their own alternatives have the same conclusions!


Show me unbiased proof that MIT Sony media isn’t garbage, otherwise the overwhelming majority here will tell you there’s better media for the price…

To me that says something. I can show you scan after scan after scan on any burner you choose at nearly every speed (NEC, optiarc, liteon, lg, benq, samsung, you name it and I’ve likely used it).

Fact is, your opinion largely depends on how you interpret and how accurate you accept these scans to be. For someone who simply needs a burned DVD to watch in their standalone player, in depth research and scanning is likely going to be a waste of one’s time, because Sony like most every other media will do the job.

For me, I spend a lot of time researching and testing different media, so I know I’m getting the best for my money. If I choose to make a large collection of backups, I will feel a lot better about leaving them for 5 years knowing I used quality media that has burned well for me (subjective), and not coming back to ruined backups.

I don’t spend time on here posting my experiences with the various media for my health, and I’m certainly not a “fanboy” of any certain brand. But I’ll feel better at the end of the day advising someone to spend their 25$ on a 100 pack of MCC 004 then to send them off buying lesser quality Sony. To each their own, I accept your opinion and it is truly fantastic that you’ve had great results with Sony media. But on the flip side you do have to accept the opinions of others, and you’ll find the majority conflict with your own.

You can ask others to post scans of Sony D21 (16x +R). I thought I had some (I have several here I can test if you’d like) but I don’t have any stored scans on my computer. Here’s various scans of 16x -R Sony media, and also some alternatives (in a similar AND cheaper price range). I can recall Sony D21 performing marginally better, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Given the examples I’d say finding something better is anything but hard-pressed.


I agree. I’ve looked at an entire thread full of scans for Sony media and none of it stands up to it’s 8x +R Made in Japan Taiyo Yuden variant. The 8x D11 even seems to be better than the 16x D21.


The Sony AccuCORE 16x DVD+R media (Made in Taiwan) that I have is pretty good. Like most other DVD media it doesn’t exactly produce brilliant PIE/PIF scans when burned at 16x but 12x burns are pretty good.

I hope scans are not out of order in this thread.

  1. Burned at 12x in a Plextor PX-712A
  2. Burned at 12x in a BenQ DW1655


Your scans are amazing [B]DrageMester[/B] , I haven’t seen anything near this with my ~100 MIJ D21 burnt with : Benq 1640/1655 , NEC 4571 , Pioneer 110/111L and LG 4167B :bigsmile:
They always gave me ~3000 PIFs and 70k+ PIEs but reads very well with any drive :slight_smile:


Those have to either be older Sony’s or they are MIJ??


And I never disagreed with that. YUDEN DVD+R and MCC DVD-R/DVD+R is definitely better media that can often be had for the same price, maybe even a few dollars less. It all depends on the sale. I tend to buy enough that I can last to the next deal or sale.

Scans have such a limited amount of value when performed by home users. They’re entertainment more than anything else. Scans alone ignore so many other important factors of media quality. Scans also have no real ability to determine longevity. They can only test a few limited aspects of the interaction between a drive and the disc at any given time.

I don’t know that you’ll never be satisfied anyway. You’ve already made up your mind, based off your own limited experiences. Why is it that people online demand “proof” when somebody disagrees with them? The person requesting will always argue it anyway.

That’s just it… Sony is better than “most other media”. There is some better, there’s a lot worse too.

And herein lies another problem. The guide you’re badmouthing is not one person’s opinion. Yours is, however. I have my own personal opinions too. Since a guide is just an assistant, there’s bound to be variances from person to person. For example, I prefer MCC media, and have since 2001. They make great discs, from 2x to 16x. Why buy Sony when Verbatim is available? Of course, on the other hand, what do you do when Verbatim is not available? Sony is a choice to consider.

And there we have it. :slight_smile:

I don’t actually think we’re disagreeing, but you’re just being a bit more insistent that your personal experience (which is valid, by the way) is more important than the experiences of the majority. And when you’re giving somebody advice, you need to remember that they too, might be part of the majority even when you are not. So “Sony is generally a good disc, though I had some problems with them” is more accurate than “Sony sucks”. I’m not a Taiyo Yuden fan, I’ve had bad experiences with them (especially the DVD-R), but I’d be a fool to go around saying it’s bad media.


Sonys Made in Taiwan. Bought from a German online shop ( in May 2006.