Comp USA Midnight Madness Sale 9/02/05

Take a look…

Thanks for the heads-up. The deals aren’t that impressive, unfortunately. I had expected Comp USA to do more. You could get a better DVD burner for less form Newegg, for example. And the other deals are laden with rebates are are really no different from the weekly deals that each of the B&M stores have.

And with gas prices the way they are, I don’t think I’ll make a trip. :wink:

I second those thoughts.

nothing there to waste gas on

thanks gregrod, its worth a look.

The hard drive looks pretty good. a 200 gig for 80$ (the rebate is instant). I cannot say for sure on this one but other compusa brand hard drives I have seen have been maxtor 7200rpm dirves (identical to that maxtors, just in a compusa box). I have to agree though, a lot of it looks like the same old sales. Not as good as some of the other 6 hour sales they have had.

80 for 200 is kinda pricy

u can get 300 for 90-100 sometimes without rebates if ur going maxtor

just becareful, those max compusa drives arnt always the best

160 GB HDD’s (Seagate, Western Digital) have been at $39 (once at $29) several times in past ads, so 200 GB for $80 is not a smokin’ deal.

I havent really priced them latlly, other than a few computers I have built (but it was up to them to decide on and get parts). I know you can get them cheaper with rebates but it seemed like a pretty good upfront price. Newegg is about 80$ for a 200 gig maxtor so getting it locally for newegg prices seemed good. You are defanatlly right though, if you don’t mind rebates, you could probably get a beter drive for half the price. Hard drives are defanatlly something they run way cheap after rebates.

yea, the compusa may have less of a warranty, and from people i know and my own exprince u want the longer warranty on maxtors

The funny thing is it depends on which model you have. I had a maxtor diamondmax 9 prematurlly fail (120 gig) and it really pissed me off that they replace it with a three year old refurb. While it left a bad taste in my mouth for maxtor, I have to admit, I’m running mostly maxtors and no falures (outside of the 120 gig). When the maxtor 120 gig failed, I happened along this site
If you look at thier reliability survey, they have some fasinating info on various hard drives. It is basically a database of user reports on specific models of hard drives. The 120 gig that I had had very high report of falure while other drives of the same line but diffrent size did not. I don’t think that I would buy a hard drive without looking here first. I’m not trying to say buy a maxtor either. I havent looked at them latlly, they could have totally gone to hell. I just wanted to point out how diffrent models form the same manufacture can have very diffrent reliability.
Fyi you have to register and give info on one of your hard drives to see the info on storage review. Trust me, it is worth it. If you are looking for a hard drive, you can pretty much look up the exact drive you want to buy.

i am going have to check that site out

thanks for the point out ripit