Comp-usa closing



hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. comp-usa is closing there doors on quite a few of there stores.i know here in chicago will be closed,the one downtown. so to all that follows the bargen basement.take a look & see if anything close is closing its doors. you never know what you’ll find???
good luck


All I could find was a list of 15 or so stores that was listed back in September. Is this the same thing or is there a bunch of new ones that are following?


A ton of new ones, half of their stores. Go to CompUSA and do a store lookup, stores it does not list are apparently going bye-bye. And if history is any indicator, getting deals at these store closings is basically a waste of time, so don’t get your hopes up on that either.


The only store spared in IL is the Rockford store, the stores in Skokie, Highland Park, and Schaumburg are closing as well. I stopped by the Skokie store last Friday and it was 20% off store price, not sale price. It sucked before and still sucks. I’m just waiting for that 80% off to get some fan grills. :smiley:


I picked up a few things at the last one. I went several times, and was watching several products, but was amazed on how they sold out of the really good stuff at very high prices (could have gotten it all cheaper at newegg). Also, the prices were a load of crap. A lot of the stuff was marked up much higher than stores that were not closing were selling it for. If they do it the same way as last time, there will be a deadline though. the last day or 2, they will really start dumping the prices on whatever is left. I got several items cheap then. It would be nice to get a videocard this time, but I doubt it (they all sold at very high prices last time). I did get 3 hitachi 160 gig sata drives for 30$ ea, 3 netgear wireless adapters for 12-20$ each and several other small items (strategy guides, 10 for a dollar).

Beware of one thing though. the signs that all manufactures warranty’s are in effect is a load of crap. Apparently, they are digging all kinds of old crap up out of their warehouses, and are going so far as to sell used parts and are piecing together complete merchandise from incomplete merchandise. If it is open box, display or in any other way fishy (really old looking), beware unless its mega cheap. After a month of phone calls, never getting called back once, and getting passed from person to person, they basically said they couldn’t do anything about the warranty, or getting it repaired (koolance water cooling case). They said they would send me a gift card that dollar value wise, might or might not barely cover the repair cost (and they didn’t really care if it would match the cost).


Looks like the two stores closest to me (Braintree, MA and Framingham, MA) are closing. Do we know what date the doors will close?


Hmm, I guess mine is staying as it is still listed.


It will be a good time to go look through the DVD drives for those relabeled BenQ’s. I know that they definitely have some Norwood’s that are re-badged 1640’s and 1650’s.


My experience show these stores that about to close their door they jackup their prices %15-%25 and call it clearance or closing items.


I almost wonder if they jack up the prices to the full suggested retail that the product was when they first got it? I saw some really stupid and obvious pricing like 6600 video cards for 220$, and the 7600’s were 200$ (both pny). Newegg wanted 60$ for the 6600 at the time, and other compusa’s wanted about 100$ if I recall right ( I was paying close attention to the video cards as I wanted a couple). Some things seemed to be pretty close to normal suggested retail and not to much more expensive than other stores, where other items were more than double the price of other compusa stores (and in a few cases triple what they were selling for elsewhere). I also saw a 9500 that was taped shut. I convinced them to open it and see if everything was there since it had already been opened (and looked kind of beat up). It was just the video card (no software or documentation), and there was a thick coat of dirt and dust on the fan, as if it had been used for months by someone. I think they are pulling out old rma’s and whatever they have laying around their tech shops used (maybe even customer pulls as they had stuff with no package in the tech shop).
Of course towards the end there were some great deals like hitachi 160 gig sata drives for 30$, netgear super g wireless pci cards for 14$, artic silver for about 3$. the tech shop stuff went to 90% kind of early, and while the prices on some stuff were marked up insanely high, they had a few things that were mega cheap like old style mad dog cables, cold cathodes etc. It’s a shame that so many suckers bought a lot of the good stuff for such high prices though. I saw many of the items I was watching to see how low the price went, sell out for prices 1.5-2x what newegg sells them for, and all sales are final, so when you get home and realize what its actually worth, its too late. I actually got sucked into a few impulse buys myself that were not such a great deal when I got home, but nothing too bad. It was more common that I was careful and went home to look up prices, and missed a few good deals as it was gone when I got back (a laptop with internet access in the car would have been really handy to look up prices).


too my understanding today(weds 2-28) is when they are going on the clearence ,choping block. I’ve allways seen comp-usa raise there prices then reduce them to make it look like somthing.just be an conchuse consumer. I hate it when they do this shit but i guess a man has to do what a man has to do!!


128 CompUSA stores out of a total of 229 are being closed. Stores due to be closed were to be handed over to liquidators Gordon Brothers Group today.

Evidently, employees didn’t know about the closings until a 3PM conference call yesterday.

Usual CompUSA closeout pricing schemes may or may not apply since another company will be handling liquidation.


Looks like they up and left NJ completely…

Good riddance.


Horrible company, i will be glad if all gone.


Yeah, I’m not that big of a fan of them and most of their products either.




I stopped at the one in Brookfield WI today and spoke with one of the employees. He
stated that the store would be closed in 60-90 days and things would be getting marked
down starting this weekend. There was not a single Norwood or CompUsa branded dvd
burner in the store so I could not even buy a burner to price match with there online store. The store also looked kinda empty.


This weekend? Hmm did you notice any Maxell 16x DVD-+R in jewel cases MIJ?

Might want to grab some if they have any cheap.

I won’t get over that way this week…


I can’t say I noticed any but I didn’t even look at media since I have about 1500
already. I made out like a bandit using the 10$ off 20$ Officemax coupons at
Officemax and Office Depot along with my empty IJ cartridges. 3x now I bought
100 blanks for just over a buck out the door.


Yep, that’s what we need, less competition. Now the remaining stores can jack up their prices. :rolleyes: