Comp' not seeing film

Hi, I am using 1 Click DVD Copy 4.2 to compress and copy films, both from hard drive and DVD.

It seems to copy fine, but when I put the DVD back in to comp’ to play nothing happens, my comp’ doen’t see the DVD at all.

I’ve actually thrown a number of discs thinking they where failed. But just found out that they work fine in my standalone DVD player.

So the films are there on the disc, have copied fine but my comp’ can’t see them. I could understand it if my standalone player couldn’t see a particular file type but here the comp that made the file can’t see it.

Can anybody explain to me why?

Thanks in advance.

"It seems to copy fine"
what do you mean seems to copy fine?

What kinda burner do you have and its firmware? What kinda of O/S you have? How old is your unit and what kinda media are you using? We need a little more info to narrow done the issues?

Sorry I know I should have put more info.

When I say copied fine I meant it did not say any errors and said finished succesfully.

My burner, I assume you mean my DVD drives are (accordind to devise manager) LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-1635S. I have two of them and both give the same problem. Not sure what firmware, I have never changed it, how do I find out which version I have?

My O/s is XP pro. My comp and drives are about 16 months old. I have tried differant media, the current ones I am using are showing as

  1. showing on nero as verbatim, on the packaging called "smiley"
    2 showing on nero as unknown , on the packaging called “DSHIRT”

Hope this helps.

when you goto “my computer” can you see/browse it? if you do then its just a playback software issue , to play dvds you need proper software like powerdvd/windvd/theatertek , or you can use the free vlc media player , as for finding out whats the firmware version,use nero infotool , also try doing a disc quality scan with nero cd-dvd speed and scan at 8x , when done use the floppy icon in title left after the minimize button to save,and attach it,if its not a playback software issue,i bet on the discs those are crap

this is defintly not real verbatim the mid is faked and disc is probably very poor quality, dont know about the dshirt but i wouldnt expect much from that either , run dvdidentifier on it to get the mediacode and also check on the package in what country it was made