Community Q&A with Torsten Leye of Verbatim

I just posted the article Community Q&A with Torsten Leye of Verbatim.

CD Freaks presents a series of Questions and Answers with people working in the digital storage industry. Questions are gathered by posting a thread in the forums where community members can ask people working in the digital storage industry what they always really wanted to know.
After a week the questions are collected, send to the right person and the answers are posted here, at CD
This week we post the answers to your questions asked to Torsten Leye, Marketing Manager Optical, Verbatim.

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Bah… he didn’t really even admit that Verbatim’s quality has taken a steep nosedive in the last few years, especially their dual-layer media. I’ve been having far better results using RICOHJPN media, available on the uber-cheap WinData spindles from Microcenter, than on any of the last 5 or 6 packs of Verbatims I’ve bought. All I really care about is that Verbatim makes a great product, but even for DVD-R, I only trust TY’s these days for anything of value.

  1. When will Australians see Verbatim 8X DVD+RW? As stated in my introductory comment, I cannot speak for my colleagues there. I gave your question to them. Please also contact Verbatim Australia’s support hotline. Note that such media is available in Europe produced with Mitsubishi technology. Glad I got 10 on my trip to Europe this year. Australia behind as always…

Very old article, found via Google on

But still interesting :slight_smile: