Community Q&A with Patrick Peeters of Nero

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CD Freaks presents a series of Questions and Answers with people working in the digital storage industry. Questions are gathered by posting a thread in the forums where community members can ask people working in the digital storage industry what they always really wanted to know.
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This week we post the answers to your questions asked to Patrick Peeters, General Manager EMEA, Nero.

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nero 8 offers nothing more then 7 except to offer activation i used nero 7 on 3 computers you expect me to buy 3 copys i am not rich i have 3 dvd players do i have to buy 3 copys of a movie not only that nero 8 will not work right with dvd shrink it makes a bad disks untill you getrid of activation and work 100% with shrink i tell people to stay away from it if this is what nero is up to you lost me as a consumer

The reason I don’t complain about iTun£$ resource sapping services is that would never touch it with a bargepole. If Microsoft behaved like Apple with it’s addiction to anti-competitive practices then the company would have been broken up years ago (not that I have any particular liking for Microsoft). So maybe Patrick Peeters has a point. Here’s irony for you, when I follow the Nero release notes link it want’s to install apple Quicktime!
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Nero 8 indexing appears to stop my computer functioning altogether. Videos stop/start for 30 seconds or so, no other software will run, the whole system locks up. The only solution appears to be disabling ‘NMIndexStoreSvr.exe’ in the Task manager. I have to do this repeatedly. I have switched off Nero Scout but that makes no difference Nero support does not respond, Case Info: [3751929001] has been open for 5 days with no response.

Question #5 addresses the real issue with Nero, you have to pay for software/features that are never used. I haven’t used Nero since version 5 because of this. I recently purchased a Memorex DVD drive which came bundled with Nero 7 Home Essentials. It is bloatware, and once you install it you cannot completely uninstall it. I’ll stick with Cyberlink.

Thanks to ImgBurn (the most complete FREE burning software I’ve ever used), I haven’t touched Nero since v6, which was their last & best ver. Btw, Nero, I don’t know if you still do it, but rewriting the layer-break on DL burns caused 10 of 10 burns to end up not playing beyond the break, a fact at the time I was unaware of, I just thought my players were faulty.

Big disadvantage of Nero - lack of Unicode support. That’s why I dont use it anymore