Communism vs Socialism

Of course, all information is biased towards the authors opinions - only raw Data is pure.

Mentioning Russia, which was communist, and Socialism in the same sentence shows that the person stating the opinion is ignorant and is confusing politics with economic models.

Read& be enlightened.

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Pure communism will never be achieved. Russia, China etc. were never communist. They were socialist economically and totalitarian politically but then that is the rub with economic socialism. It erodes personal freedoms so that the few can easily control the many. There isn’t a black and white line between communism and capitalism. Just a large band with infinite shades of gray known as quasi socialism/capitalism. Societies that have ventured toward the communist end of that spectrum have failed miserably or their people are living in misery. Who really thinks Cuba is a utopia or it ever will be in its current economic/political state? Once a country reaches the tipping point toward communism society becomes lethargic in that hard work no longer pays so innovation, job creation, wealth creation slows to a crawl or just stops. Then the economic model that supports the socialist society in general breaks down and chaos ensues. In the end, there is no free lunch in that everyone must earn their keep.

IMO, the trick is to let government be a referee between free enterprises to promote consumer choice and competition. The closer you can get to the capitalist side of the gray zone while allowing for this the better off we will be. Government does serve other purposes but I am only speaking to economics.

UTR is correct when he says RUSSIA.CUBA etc…
were never and are not true communist states.
socialism is basically the government providing all of
it’s citizens basic needs. Such as coupons,
a place to live etc… England is kind of socialistic in it’s
health care system. TRUE COMMUNISM as stated by
KARL MARX is for everyone to be equal in wealth,health
etc… by the government providing for everyones social needs.
It’s a nice dream,but I believe it cannot be done?. Man’s
basic instinct is greed,envy,jelouseyetc… Like TEARS FOR FEARS
said in their song long ago " EVERYBODY WANT’S TO RULE THE WORLD".
Thats why so called communist’s countries leaders,and governments
are basically totalitarian.