Communication Failure

Hey people,

this is the problem:
I use Nero , when I want to burn I get a communication failure. It is burnin’ until appr. 5% and then I get the failure. Can someone please help me?!

By The Way: great forum, keep up the good work !


I had this problem with my Pioneer DVR-A03 some time ago, and only disabling DMA solved the problem.
A user of a mitsumi 32x reported the same in de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.brenner.

thanks for the help but the thing is:
I am using a 32x cdrom. But it also happens when I use my Samsung DVD-rom as source drive. By the way, I don’t know if it’s gonna make any difference but it also happens when I first copy the (audio)data to my HD (= not on the fly burnin’).

More solutions, anybody?

And the error even occures if you disable DMA for your writer? That’s strange.

I have the same problem. Communication FAILURE! I don’t understand. But looking at the HP site… I think we might need to download some special drivers for the drive…??? i hope this isn’t so because they’re charging!


And if that is the case, then I feel pretty stupid buying an HP burner if I’m going to get burn’t having to throw more money in to my machine. (Pardon the pun)…