Communication Failed

Im trying to get my dvd burner to work in my computer, the bios recognizes it and has installed it in windows. I can read things fine with it, but when it comes to writing (I write in nero) it always gives me a communication failed error. I don’t know what to do to fix it. Also my drive light blinks with my computer activity light when the drive is in use…o.O didn’t do that with my old one. The burner is a “SONY DVD RW DW-D22A” Im using Maxell/Sony Disks (DVD-R) Thx

Oh yea and if this is the wrong section, im sorry and please move it? XD

Next time read the NERO FAQ first, because it is described there:

actually i’ve tried those things and nothings helped me

you mean those as some of em or those as all of em?
did you try another ide cable?
the drive is jumpered to master/slave and not cable select?

i tried all the spots, primary, secondary (master/slave) spots. and its still the same. the drive is on secondary, master and its selected for master as i can read data fine…its not on cable select

what about answers to these

well i have 2 ide cables in my pc and i tried both…if your talking about the nero site yes i’ve tried all of them

you said you tried 2 ide cables,what type of ide cables are they 40 or 80 wires or 1 40wires and 1 80wires ? if you dont know how to tell then heres how,all round ide cables are 80 wires and as for flat ones
flat 80 wires ide cable :
flat 40 wires ide cable :
you can tell by the connector colors

right click “my computer” and click “properties” goto hardware>>device manager
expand “ide/ata atapi controllers” double click the primary/secondary goto “advanced settings” tab in both channels and take a screenshot and upload to

the nero log might provide useful info open it and copy & paste the latest
C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log
dont include neros serial

did you connect the drive standalone on the ide cable with no other device? if not then give it a try

I have 2 Hard Drives on the primary ide cable, looks like blue/grey/black 80 (wires?). I have the dvd standalone on the black/black/black cable, i suppose its the 40 one?

what about the nero log? its needed to figure out if its a media compatbility issue

yeah the blue/grey/black is 80 wires and the all black is 40 wires , anyway the transfer modes looks good, you alredy tried the 80 as you said but i guess when you did that the 40 was connected to the hard drives which made them very slow and might have also cause this i suggest youll get another 80wires ide cable and use it for the sony it might resolve the problem

i was formatting my pc and im just installing nero again now…

alright then do a burn now and copy & paste the log when done

well…i burned a disk and it had no errors. wtf? o.O