Communication Error in Windows XP Nero

Hey, I just installed XP and I’m getting this error when burning? I have an HP9500… any ideas… please need help! :frowning: When I was running Windows 2000 Server… not one problem.

Yeah, I’ve got the latest version of Nero. :frowning: I’ve been on Windows 2000 for so long, and really like XP. For some reason my ATI 8500DV Looks better in XP, no idea why? Regardless, I need to get this fixed, and doesn’t look like I’ll be able to unless I order the Native CD-R software for HP burners, which I think is the biggest load of CRAP (pardon the words) that I’ve ever seen. Atleast Nero allows you to do endlress amounts of other things a professional would want as opposed to the home user marketing CD-R software HP has.

There have been problems reported with Try or I also had problems with which were resolved by installing an earlier version.