Communication drives is faulty

I have a nec nr-7800a cd burner (i know its old) and a hitachi dvd-rom gd-3000 (even older) installed on my computer. they have been working great for quite some time but seem to both have partially stopped working just very recently. I have tried the basic steps such as uninstalling controllers and whatnot.

I can read cd’s and dvd’s in respective drives and play movies and access files quite well but I noticed a problem when my dvd-rom drive was not recognized in dvd-identifier saying no supported drives or whatnot. The problem has gone further to burning cd’s in cd burner xp, I get the error message:

Writing error:(3) Error Occurred writing data to the disc
Communcation with the unit drive failed (1003)
Error Sense Data: Sense Key: 4 ASC: 8 ASCQ:3

On other occassions I have gotten the same error but the communcation line message is replaced with “Flaw exists in power calibration (1048)”

I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe I changed a setting or deleted a registry entry. I use winaso but am very careful and know what I’m doing with that. Hardware failure? I am only guessing but the problems with both drives seem to be related.

Replace the ide cable. If the problem persists, buy a new burner.