Comms Failure

My sister in law has a PIII 1.7 with a 40gig hd and 256megs of memory.

I have just installed a LG8520B 52x24x52x burner and am having the following problem.

Burning an image to the HD is ok and works like a charm. But as soon as you try to burn to the LG drive itself about 10% is burnt and then the burn is aborted with a Communications Failure notice.

This happens irrespectively if the burner is placed as a master, slave or even on its own IDE port.

Any suggestions?

Here’s a few things you can try -

  1. Bad cable. Try a different IDE cable.
  2. Turn on DMA if you haven’t already done so.
  3. If you’re running WinXP, turn off IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    (Start > Run > type in msconfig and you’ll find it in the Services tab.)

BTW, what burning program is she running?

PC is a PIII 1.7ghz with a 40Gig drive that is only 7% full. Drive is fully degragmented. Memory is 256mb.
Drive has been set up as master, slave on 2nd IDE as well as slave on 1st ide, as well as master on 2ide without any slave. I have swopped out the cable for a 40pin one and no cigar. I have tried every combination possible with Nero Express (came bundled)
I am now about to rip out my burner in my machine and install it there to see what it does. I also have a LG(but a “smaller” ) model and am running Nero Burning ROM and have no problems with mine.

I am beginning to think that the problem is with the drive. This was suggested but no-one wants to accept that a brand spanking new thing can be 'broken"