Common 2500A problem?

I recently received my 2500A, flased it with Herrie’s beta 5 firmware. I decided to rip and burn a few movies, and when I scanned the final product with Kprobe on my lite-on reader, the results were…disappointing, to say the least…

Now, it played back fine on my standalone DVD player, but I thought those levels were REALLY high. For the record, I was burning at 8x, using ricohjpnr01s. Burned with nero, and if it matters, I reauthored the disc with DVDshrink to eliminate everything all the extras from the movie, leaving me with 0% compression, no menus, etc.

Any suggestions?

Also, one minor thing that annoyed me… Nero SAID the burn would take, say, 7 minutes to complete, but by the time the “time remaining” counter ran down to 0, it was only 66% done, and went a few minutes over. shrug

i think that the medias are only certified for 4x burning, do you have the same bad results @4x?

The NEC takes about 9min30sec to burn a disc at 4x -> 6x -> 8x Z-CLV.

Using official firmware, you should be able to produce excellent result burning at the maximum allowed speed, which is 4x -> 6x Z-CLV.


I just tried burning it at 6x instead of 8x, and the results were a LITTLE better, but not much:

Yeah, they’re certified at 4x, but the reason I got them was because people posted excellent results at 8x.


1.) You’re using a DVD-ROM for scanning, KProbe is designed for LiteOn burners only. Several results showed, that even from 411S to 451S to 811S to 851S to 812S to 832S and so on, there are very different results. German computer magazine c’t disqualified KProbe at all when they compared it to professional quality analyzers.

2.) Ricoh R01 media is known to vary in quality. Some batches burn @8x without any problem, some batches won’t even give acceptable burns @6x. AFAIK in Herries firmware at least the 8x part is burned using the R02 stategy. This choice is a result of trial and error and doesn’t mean that it will work on all R01.

Did you lock the speed of your 166s using other software?
Kprobe speed command doesn’t work for readers. Also I believe a reader reports higher errors than burners at same speed scan. (Can anyone confirm this?) So you can’t just compare it with other people’s <10PI scans.

If you have other media, then you may compare realtive qualities between them, I believe a reader is still useful for that purpose.

OK, it looks like KProbe was the culprit, because I rescanned it in DVDinfoPro, and it was VERY low. The chart is below (and the PIF peaked at 3 lol)