Commodore High Spec PCs

I was looking to get a new computer but I was going to wait untill the 9000 series of nVidia came out for Crysis, however I noticed Commodore has brought out a range of very fast PC’s.

This computer is slightly above what I was hoping to spend, but I might as well get something really good. I also noticed that this computers graphics card has SLi, does that mean that if I get a card from the 9000 series at a later date I can run the two graphics cards at the same time or do I need to have two cards the same running together?

Is this pc itself any good? It looks quite a good deal to me, and the cooling system appears to work similar to a fridge, which is great. Are there any problems I may run into with this computer in general? Thanks!

You can get the “same” specs over at for 450£ less… (pre-built)

That site looks really good! There are so many options on that site I dont know which options to choose and what means what though…

Does anyone else have any opinions on this?

Ouch. Too much buck and not enough bang.

Ah. I’m glad you said that. Any reccomendations?

Want a sample config?

That would be great, yes please!

You can change the Dual Core CPU to a Quad if you want to (there’s 2£ difference). You probably want to add a card reader which you have to install yourself. You can also choose Vista instead of Windows XP Professional if you want to. Keep min mind though that as long as you run a 32-bit OS you well only get ~3.5Gb memory due to hardware/platform limitations. If you dont need EAX you can also remove the sound card as the onboard is good enough otherwise.