Commodore and CBM are back - but now with MP3 players

I just posted the article Commodore and CBM are back - but now with MP3 players.

 Anyone remember the Commodore 64? :p  Yes, the company is back again, but with  a 20GB MP3 player titled the e-Vic; named after the old Vic-20 computer.  CBM business machines is also...
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does the Commodore name mean anything to anyone now? If they wanna resurrect something, it should have been the Amiga. Back then technical superiority was a cornerstone, and now it seems they’re focusing on nostalgia? I think the branding is terrible and will be lost on the (potential) market they’re targeting. Every man and his dog are making these devices now, and many seem to be doing a better job…

“28 minutes anti-shock memory” I am not sure what the Ipod and other HD based MP3 players offer but that is pretty awesome. One of the reasons I did not want an HD based MP3 player was because I was scared of skipping for one and the headers of the harddrive messing up the disks if I where to be running with the MP3 player. Ipod might have this feature already, but if it does not then I would say that the E-Vic stands a chance.

From Apple’s site: “Up to 25 minutes of skip protection.” Never had it skip on me in my life.

You’re never gonna need more than about 20 seconds of skip protection. The reason hard drive MP3 players have 25 minute skip protection is to save on battery life and avoid head damage. When you start playing a track, they cache the entire song in memory.

The branding is actually pretty clever. Retro geeks are going to catch onto this instantly, the product looks pretty sweet and the logo ownz :B I will definately get one.

I remember them well I started out with a Vic 20 with 5kb of memory and I had a 32kbp expansion pack and 1 game called the Perils of Will :g…:wink: The C64 rocked and was a machine way above its time and the demos the groups on the scene wrote to show the true protential of this silicon was out if this world… The music was awesome…:B Greetz Intercept.:S