Commodore 64 / Atari ST



Since this is a general discussion area, and many of you are from Europe...Did you have much experience with either the Commodore 64 or Atari ST computers waaaaay back in the 80's? Looking back, I realized that back then the Amiga, C-64/128, and Apple II's were the main computers most people used...If you had a IBM Compatible PC, you were indeed the outsider. The C-64 was a great machine for cruising the BBS's at 300 baud on a vicmodem...then when the 1200 baud modems came out, it was like "Wow. This is so fast! It's awesome!" What a trip! 8 Megs of memory back then was $1000 too. Crazy stuff.


I can even remember the P2000 and MSX, with the cassette tapes for data storage…

Those were the days…


Originally posted by Smart@$$
[B]I can even remember the P2000 and MSX

Those were the days… [/B]

C64 rulez, Msx sucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

(No offense Smart@$$, just a nostalgic memory from the early days… there was always competition between C64 owners and Msx owners! Ok, Msx2 was of course better than the C64, but then the Amiga arrived! Same story…)



I’ve always been a fan of the Atari machines !

I remember having an Atari 800XL, 130XE, 520ST, 2 x 1040STFM and of course the video console for television (2600).

Atari ruled… heck I still have my 130XE :slight_smile: …wish I still had one of the 1040s…:frowning:


I started out with a Dragon32, which was great. Then I moved on to a commodore64 later I got an amiga500, before I finally fell in to PC’s…

Still I haven’t found many games which were as good as most of the really good old c64 & dragon32 games. It just goes to prove hours of digital video, millions of dollars spent developing, the best 3d graphics imaginable… it all really comes down to gameplay:)


Had the Atari 1200XL, 800XL, 130XE, then moved to the C-64 II and then C128 (which I got for 20 bucks… couldn’t beat that).

I still have the 128 and am looking for a good emulator to run some of these games with. Particully Skate or Die:)

My first IBM machine was a AT.


Remember getting my first c64 back in -84…used it so much that it got worn out…had to buy a new one later on (c64II)…those were the days…:cool:


Ahhh… The TRS-80. I miss it so. It had lot’s of great games, like pong, breakout, space invaders…

1024 bytes of memory, had a “superfast” 9600 baud modem…


Doh! I meant bytes, not kilobytes!


I started with the C-64’s predecessor, the VIC-20, which had a whoppin’ 3.5kB of memory. I learned BASIC on this machine.
After the VIC-20 I got an Apple ][ plus. My next machine was the C-64. I did a lot of machine language programming on both the Apple and C-64.
These were educating days back then, because it was all new.
After lots of upgrades of my first PC (a 10MHz 286) to a 386, 486 and K6-2, I now own an 800MHz P-III (and a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop).

But I have to say, the early days were the best!


z80 assembler 4ever:)


I started out on a Mattel Intellivision…Ok, yeah, it wasn’t a computer…but computers weren’t really around in that age. I begged for a Atari 2600, but the folks thought the intelli looked better (which it did) and it’s weird “disc” controller was actually the ancient relative to today’s gamepad designs. Anyhooo… when 1984 rolled around I wound up with an Apple //c and wasted much time playing this lousy game called taipai and the classic games like Ultima II, III and IV, the original Might & Magic, and Bard’s Tale. When I discovered what BBS’s were all about, I had to get the c-64 to where I started my verbal insults on the very first “chatrooms” as well as insulting the sysop (that was always fun) my nickname was Sniper until I logged onto Qlink and discovered 6 other “snipers” so I changed the nick to KickASCII and Digital Death as an alternate (both original in the day)…And now…since a so-called friend decided to steal my handle I moved on to BadASCII…But usually log onto stupid yahoo chat with another name insulting for whatever is going on in the news to offend the masses…I’m an ass I guess.



I started with a Pong console and now am using Windows XP.

I’m still not sure if those 20 years improved technology actually was needed because i’d still choose Pong consoles over Windows XP.

Shame you can’t go on the internet with it.


Started with a VIC-20 and moved on to a C64c. I still have the 64 and a boxload of games. It’s all about Law of the West.

BadASCII, you mentioned Q-Link…damn I forgot about that thing, I was all over that thing.


Man, I can’t believe I’m that old. I remember when ‘caller ID’ first came around. I’d be downloading a program for about 40 minutes and then someone would call…BooM, connection lost and I’d have to redo the entire download. I was like 12 years old.

I can remember my school classmates would think I was a dork for being interested in computers, and now everyone and their mother’s are on the net. Man, how times have changed. We were into the internet before it was cool.


Ì started with a C64 back in the 80`s myself, and I still own it, together with a pile of cassette tapes with games on. :cool:

Whenever I get in the nostalgic mood, I head over to and download a game from the good oltimes. And dont forget to get yourself a emulator while you are there…CCS64 works very well! :slight_smile:


amiga 500 here…only good for games :slight_smile:


Started out with a Commie64 myself and I also had an Amiga, and a TRS-80. those computers are slow as dirt now a days.
I still have the commodore, and it still works


I started out with an Atari 520STFM, then upgraded late to the STE, 4mb ram, monitor, printer ect etc… THE best 16 bit on the market. The Amiga was nothing more than a games machine, it was user unfriendly, needed a footwarmer to run and was just poor all round. The ST was simple to use, based on the Apple Mac’s and at the time I would of had an ST over a PC anyday as the PC setup was so outdated. Alas, the ST died in the end, shame coz it was a great machine capable of so much!!! I have an ST emulator now, just for the good old days!:slight_smile:


My first computer that I had for longer then just 1 day :slight_smile: was an Atari 2600. This thing I got in 82.
In 86 I switched to C64, which was an extremely great machine.

Then in 88 I got my first PC. For serious work, I used the PC. Until 91 I used the C64 for games.

Around 93, I completely switched from C64 to the PC, also for gaming. Since then, I’m enjoying my PC… (I don’t remember what kinds I had, guess this is my 15th PC…).

Sometimes I still miss my old C64… so I go to the garage, take a C64 (I’ve got 6 now) and play some Buggy boy :).


I cant remember when I first got my C-64 but I know that I went through at least 3 of then with in about a two month time frame. I think that I had the 1541 II drive as well and the good old tape deck to go along with it. It may of taken ages to load game back in those days but many of the games are still palyable and great fun as well. Have to really say that I do miss haing one around but I have always had some sort of computer around, not sure how many I have had all up but I know it is at least about 20, still have a 386 sitting around as it is :wink: