Commission ruling: U.S. Postal Service treated GameFly unfairly

Commission ruling: U.S. Postal Service treated GameFly unfairly.

[newsimage][/newsimage]GameFly has argued for the past two years that its been the victim of unfair postal rates. The company believed it wasn't receiving the same sweet deal extended to Netflix and Blockbuster by the United States Postal Service, and as a result was spending much more on shipping each month -- $730,000 more to be exact. A regulatory commission which oversees the USPS agreed this week, ordering changes to better standardize rates for such companies in the future.

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I would tell GameFly to stick it too the man, but because I am a taxpayer, I am the man. Just goes to show that there are rates for one group of peoples, and a special one for others. Again proof that equality is dead in politics as well as murdered from the Constitution. “You’re either with us, or against us…”

@trust2112 the USPS does not use any tax dollars, they are funded completely by themselves.

@Blu-ray, I went looking for whether the USPS uses tax dollars and they say they don’t. Now here is the magical question, if they don’t use tax money, then where did the 8 billion dollar shortfall in 2009 come from? Someone had to foot the bill, and I think we both know who’s paying that. Also, if the USPS does make a profit, the government takes the excess and uses it to plug other agencies. So, do we want to pretend that tax dollars don’t fund them and just lie about it?

The USPS shortfall came from a combination of changing technology (email, etc.) and the economic downturn that caused large mailers to cut back on ther mailings. The Postal Service derives ALL of its income from the sales of postal products (shipping, stamps, etc.). They are in competion with other shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx in all areas except first class mail. They do NOT receive any funding from the federal governement.

Except when they are deep in debt and need a bailout!!! I wonder where that comes from? Oh and by the way, when I send mail and it costs more in order to subsidize those who are getting the sweet rates then it is costing myself and ever other U.S. citizen. Look deep into the trees. You just might see a forest.
Oh and by the way I too work for a non appropriated government entity. The one I work for turned over $200,000,000 back in profit.