Commercial media



Can anybody tell me if record companies use larger capacity cd media than the public use.There has been many a time i have not been able to get the same amount of songs on a disc that they have.Is there somewhere you can get these high capacity discs. ANY HELP WOULD BE WELCOME,RELL.


You can buy CD media that’s oversized to 99min / 870mb.

More is not possible on CD media.


thanks for reply, where do you get them from


Depends on where you live, you’ll find more than enough online stores.


I have never, ever heard of a CD pressed to such a disc, though.


I dunno, dualdisk is evil as hell, but no idea what the cd-side spec’s are. I do recall the 870meg one, but thought it was a proprietory format for game stations like ps1…more to do with the disk format than the physical makeup of the disc…