Commercial Grade Disc Replicating Hardware

CD Copy protection, without regards to the specifics, basically takes advantage of limitations in consumer CD writers. If it were possible to make a replica an absolute exact physical copy, then the disc protection scheme, along with all the data, would be cloned exactly. The commercial industry obviously has special hardware capable of doing this. So stepping outside of the consumer hardware world, is it possible to buy a commercial disc replication unit for under $2000 that is capable of replicating absolutely any CD without regards to whatever asinine copy protection has been implemented? How about something for professionals, or something from the Asian market that can get the job done, always?

As an electronics major I am speaking in the theoretical here, but based on practical science. I’m looking for a response from someone who knows with definitive knowledge, not speculation from others just guessing.

Thank you.

No, just pure wishful thinking!

Indeed. :iagree:

@ ColtsWalker

Many copy protected “cds” these days are pressed onto special media that are not true cds at all (e.g. securom and starforce protected “cds”). It simply isn’t possible to make exact physical replicas of such “cds” without access to the relevant type of media and, surprise, surprise, it’s not available for purchase.